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All Eyes On: Fleur de Force


UK's sweet and bubbly beauty blogger Fleur has an assortment of wonderful beauty videos and posts that you can get happily lost in. Her videos and blog topics range from beauty tutorials, hauls, favorites, and fashion. Having only started her channel a year ago, the 22 year old has already over one million and counting views on her fabulous videos. Read on to find out more about Fleur on how she was inspired to create her beauty channel and what her favorite beauty products are!

Q&A: Fleur de force

B: How were you inspired to start your own YouTube beauty channel and beauty blog?

It was actually my mum who encouraged me to start a YouTube channel! I’d been watching make up videos on YouTube for about a year and had never really told anyone about it. When I told my mum she was blown away and really encouraged me to make my own videos, something I’d always wanted to start doing but had been too shy! The blog came as an extension to my YouTube channel much later. I went to a bloggers event and was determined to give it a try after hearing all the lovely girls raving about how great it was (and they weren’t wrong)!

B: What has been the most rewarding experience since starting your channel and blog?

The most rewarding part of the whole YouTube experience for me has been to meet new people. I’ve made friends with lots of other YouTubers, Bloggers and Subscribers – Making friends online is something I would have been very skeptical of before I started making videos!

B: How do you come up with your beauty video materials?

I get lots of requests from my subscribers so that’s my main source of ideas—I’ve usually got too many different ideas rather than to few and I always have a long list written down of ‘to-do videos.'

B: What are the ups and downs of creating a YouTube beauty channel and beauty blog?

There really are very few downsides. You do get the occasional mean comment but usually they are from someone just passing by, not people within the beauty community. The upsides are too long to list, it’s just so much fun making videos and putting them out there for everyone to see. I got recognised in the street the other day too, which was amazing! It’s a great feeling when someone leaves you a comment saying that your videos have been useful to them too, or that they enjoy watching them. Editing can be a long process but positive feedback makes all the hard work worth it!

B: Who are your favorite beauty guru’s?

MissGlamorazzi is one of the best friends I’ve made on YouTube and I just love watching her videos. She has such a sweet personality and it really shines through on camera. We started at around the same time and have been in touch from very early on so it’s been great going through the experience together too. She’s also just been featured as one of Seventeen's ‘Beauty Smarties’—I can see huge things coming for this girl!

Tanya from Pixi2woo I enjoy watching because she has a pretty rare mix of real talent as a makeup artist and a fun personality. You rarely find professionals on YouTube who do make up and fun tag videos and vlogs, but Tanya is one.

B: What are some of your favorite beauty products?

As I’m sure any girl knows, my top products change all the time! Right now I’m absolutely in love with CoverGirl’s LashBlast Mascara (both the Volume and Fusion formulations). I used to be a die hard fan of high end mascaras but these have changed my opinion on drugstore mascara! My second favourite has got to be MAC’s Patina eyeshadow. It’s a really subtle gold and matches my skin tone so well, it’s really subtle and great for everyday. My final favourite has got to be Benefit’s Sugarbomb Blush. I only recently got this as a birthday present but I’m already in love with it – it has the perfect amount of shimmer and smells divine too!