All Eyes On: Sarah Jackson of Jjacks48


Sarah Jackson aka Jjacks48 caught our eye with her awesome personality and unique style of makeup looks. After watching her videos, you almost get the sense that you’ve know her all your life. She’s real, she’s honest, and she doesn’t apologize for her love of color and fun. Her tutorials can be sultry like her Everyday Editorial: Alexander McQueen look and sparkle-tastic like her Over-the-top Editorial: Sparkly Peacock look. Be inspired and take a step into the wild side with Jjacks48!

Q &A: Sarah Jackson of Jjacks48

B: How were you inspired to start your YouTube Channel?

When I first started my channel was supposed to be all about my “weight loss journey.” I wanted something that I could do daily or weekly to hold myself accountable for sticking to my diet or whatever plan I was on that week. The first video I made was something fun and something I like: makeup! I had no clue there was such a HUGE makeup community already starting on YouTube. After that first video I found that (through ‘related videos’) there were others who enjoyed playing with makeup as much as I did…if not more. It really re-awoken my passion for makeup and I started doing tutorials more regularly. Eventually the weight loss stuff just fell by the wayside.

B: Do you feel YouTube has changed your life?

Definitely. I think more than anything it’s brought me out of my shell. It takes a different type of person to sit at home and talk to a bunch of imaginary people through their camera/computer while applying makeup on themselves. Okay, I know that my subscribers aren’t “imaginary,” but they aren’t technically in the room with me when I’m filming so I have to “imagine” them if you will. That’s probably a good thing… I don’t know if I could actually do a good job on my makeup if I had a few thousand people staring at me. Yikes!

B: Have you had to deal with any of the negativity that comes with posting on YouTube? If so, how do you deal with it?

I’ve been lucky so far, the trolls haven’t found me…much. I mean of course I get the random straggler or the person who thinks they are helping, but really their comment is just rude or unnecessary. I don’t tolerate haters, so any inappropriate messages get deleted and depending on severity the person is blocked. There’s too much good in life to focus on the bad. I mean being called “fat” or “stupid” hurts, I won’t lie, but when you have 30 good comments to 1 bad, you’ve got to stick with the majority J

B: Can you name 4 products that you cannot live without?

Glitter, mascara, clear lip gloss, and MAC Blacktrack Fluidline.

B: Do you have any insider beauty tips to share?

Loose powder is your best friend! Seriously. If you are really oily like me it will help to absorb excess oil throughout the day if you apply it over your foundation or even on bare skin. Also if you like glitter or bright colors like I do, if you apply a dusting of loose powder under your eyes when you’re doing your makeup it will help to catch the fallout which you can easily brush away at the end of application.

B: Do you have any advice for others who want to start their own channel?

Don’t take it so seriously! I mean really, you’ve got to have fun doing this or what’s the point?

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