Spotlight On: MacBarbie07 & HelloBriddy


We had such a great pleasure of having beauty guru’s MacBarbie07 (Bethany) and HelloBriddy (Brittany Nicole) at Beautylish for our very first Beauty Guru Video Spotlight! We met the spunky and lovely sisters at VidCon earlier this summer and has kept in touch since. The stars aligned and since the sisters were coming in town, we held our very first video interview with the lovely beauty guru’s at our headquarters. Just like how you see them in their videos, they are absolute dolls in real life. MacBarbie07 is only 14 years old but has nearly 60,000 subscribers and 4,000,000 page views on all her beauty and fashion videos. HelloBriddy has a kicking personality with lots of flare, just like her awesome videos on YouTube. Check out MacBarbie07 and HelloBriddy Beauty photos below!