All Eyes On: Janice of Chaigyaru


The Austrailian based beauty blogger and YouTube Beauty Guru isn’t a makeup or hair stylist, but a fun girl with a upbeat passion for all things pink and pretty. Her blog is daily updated and filled with makeup tutorials, nail art, FOTD (face of the day) looks, and general life happenings. Read on to find out what inspires this Australian beauty!

Q &A: Janice of Chaigyaru

B: How were you inspired to start your beauty blog and YouTube Channel?

I’ve always owned a personal blog since about eight years ago but more recently, I was really inspired by so many make up bloggers and YouTube gurus. I love how they share their opinions and skills freely to everyone! I spent so much time each and every day going through new bloggers blogs or new YouTube guru’s channels that I suddenly thought – “Hey. I can do this too!” In real life, I teach my friends a lot about makeup. I enjoy telling people about make up, and giving people make up tips and reviews when they ask. So why not tell to the rest of the whole world too?

B: Do you feel your beauty blog and YouTube has changed your life?

Ever since I started my first YouTube video, I was seriously hooked. It’s awesome being a YouTube guru/blogger because you get to meet so many great people out there. You just feel like its worth your time waking up a little earlier to make the video, edit it, etc. YouTubing and Blogging has really become a big part of my life and without it all, I really don’t know where I’ll be.

B: How do you deal with the negativity that comes with posting on your blog and YouTube?

With so many people watching you, you're bound to get negativity. I’m lucky cause I haven’t received too much of it. I used to delete the rude comments and try to hide it from the rest of my subscribers but eventually I realized how silly it was because the ones who hate are actually the ones who are pay the most attention to you! Like they all say, “love your haters because they’re your biggest fans”.

B: Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to start their own channel or blog?

I’d say to anyone, go ahead and give it a go! It’s not about having a competition with anyone since blogging and being a YouTube guru isn’t a popularity contest.

B: Do you have a signature look that you are recognized for?

When I was first starting off, I was recognized as a “gyaru"—this means “gal” in Japanese and it represented a particular style of Japanese makeup shown in most Japanese magazines! But since then, I’ve come a long way. I think I’ve started to step into a tone of different looks using bright colours and bright lips and I’m loving each and every one of them!

B: Top five products you can't live without?
  1. Revlon Colorstay Foundation – I’ve raved so much about it!
  2. YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara - The perfect mascara!
  3. Sigma Make up Brushes – Love love love!
  4. Prestige Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner – I used up about 10 of them already!
  5. Shiseido Eyelash curler- It's amazing!