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Scandinavian Design Influences Makeup


Introducing Finnish makeup line, KIDE MSCHIC. With a combination of pure ingredients and ultra-modern packaging, this eco-friendly line proves that IKEA's not the only cool thing to come from Scandinavia.

Boasting a talc-free, perfume-free, and paraben-free formula, these all-natural, mineralized domes are baked on terracotta tiles in Italy. The 19-piece collection has the makeup spectrum covered with bronzers, highlighters, correctors, concealers, blushes, and foundation.

In the world of plastic packaging, we might be more excited about the wooden box than the makeup. The modular style might be too bulky for some, but there's no denying its artistic roots. KIDE was born from Nordic design sensibilities, seen in their inherent love of natural and raw materials—the untreated birch (which comes from Finland) is free from any chemical residue. The best part? You can reuse the container for makeup or bathroom storage after you've finished the powder. Priced at €59 (rougly $84), KIDE minerals truly represent eco at its most opulent. Would you splurge on this mineral-based Scandinavian makeup line?

kide mschic Mineralized Makeup

  • KIDE KA Radiant (Bronzer)
  • KIDE KA Sunshine (Bronzer)
  • KIDE KO Reflect (Highlighter)
  • KIDE KU Beige (Foundation)
  • KIDE KU Ivory (Foundation)
  • KIDE KU Light (Foundation)
  • KIDE KU Medium (Foundation)
  • KIDE KU Natural (Foundation)
  • KIDE KU Tan (Foundation)
  • KIDE NE Multi (Corrector)
  • KIDE SE Light (Powder)
  • KIDE SE Medium (Powder)
  • KIDE SE Translucent (Powder)
  • KIDE VI Kissed (Blush)
  • KIDE Y Gold (Highlighter)
  • KIDE YSI (Highlighter)
  • KIDE Y Silver (Highlighter)
Image courtesy of KIDE MSCHIC

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