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Bite Beauty Sheer Lip Balm in Carmine


Beauties, we've been super excited to try the sheer lip balm from Bite Beauty, the new and uber eco-chic line from Sephora. We tried the shade Carmine, a sheer reddish orange that's our new favorite color for the season. With a build-able and light texture, you can't overdo the coverage—it's an amateur-proof bright lip!

This gel-textured balm applies like a dream and imparts a creamy glow, with bonus SPF! What I love most about the formula is that it settles into a matte stain once the shine has faded off. I'm kind of obsessed with the box design too. The gray and crimson textured packaging that houses the matte black tube is sophisticated and modern—there's nothing granola about this green beauty line!

I love the color and the finish, but I'm most excited about the ingredients: Bite products are the first lipsticks to have Resveratrol antioxidants (from red wine!) in their formulation—that's five glasses of wine worth per lipstick! Don't depend on these lipsticks for your nutritional needs, but we love the formulation: no parabens, petrochemicals, or phthalates—yucky stuff your lips don't need. Did you know that the average woman eats 4-7 pounds of chemical laden lipstick in their lifetime? This formula contains food-grade ingredients and essentials oils that are healthy enough to eat, but please don't make this your midnight snack.

While I'm not depending on this lip balm for ultra hydration on its own, the color and texture make this a great lighter alternative to the heavy brights we've been seeing on the runway this season. And don't worry, your lips won't get drunk.

Image courtesy of BITE Beauty

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