Underground Beauty Favorites From IMATS LA


With the hoards of artists and makeup enthusiasts stalking the latest and greatest products, it was hard not to imagine a Willy Wonka world of beauty at the International Make-up Artists Trade Show in Los Angeles. Now that the three-day intensive is over, we’ve raided through our bags and uncovered three standout favorites from the show.

_Lit Cosmetics Glitter _

Paired with their special clear adhesive, Lit’s spectra of glitters create graphic eye liner shapes, dazzling arched brows, and sparkling designs anywhere on your body. Even the Cirque du Soleil makeup artists use these stage-ready particles for shows worldwide!

Paw Palettes

Who wants to walk back and forth from the makeup table when you can use a working surface on your hand—without spilling product? For the makeup artist on the move, we found the perfect kit accessory for you!  Named “Paw” palettes, these convenient wrist palettes come in many shapes to accentuate your specific style. Think bows, cupcakes, lips, or the traditional rectangle.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Spring Lip Tar Colors

We’re in love with The Garden S/S 2012 Lip Tar colors which OCC put out on display. Ranging from minty-green to super-saturated purple—our favorites are Belladonna and Chlorophyll—these power pigments give new life to the already wide range of Lip Tar hues the brand currently stocks.

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