• Bring Out the Animal in You

    Bring Out the Animal in You

    Want to create a look based on Dolce & Gabbana's new Animalier makeup collection but don't have the products? No problem! Jasmine (beauty guru jazziebabycakes) takes what she has in her makeup collection and does just that!

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  • Dangers of Over-waxing

    Dangers of Over-waxing

    Wax on, wax off. Now that it's summer, waxing is a must for keeping skin smooth all over (face and body). But here's why you should give yourself a break once in a while to let your skin repair itself.

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  • Favorite Drugstore Tinted Moisturizers

    Favorite Drugstore Tinted Moisturizers

    We love the sheer coverage and hydration of a tinted moisturizer—find out which sheer tints are best for summer skin and your wallet!

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  • Lush Freedom Foamer
    • 22

    Lush Freedom Foamer

    This week, Lush launches its limited edition Freedom Foamer bubble bar in support of the Freedom to Marry Campaign. For two weeks, 100% of proceeds from these citrus-scented soaps will support equality in marriage.

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  • Olivia Wilde's Beachy Waves
    • 175

    Olivia Wilde's Beachy Waves 

    Beachy waves are the quintessential summer hair style that looks great on both long and short hair. Celebrity hair stylist David Babaii creates gorgeous, ombré waves with blunt bangs on actress Olivia Wilde. Keep reading to find out how to style this sexy look at home.

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  • Drench Your Hair in Moisture
    • 88

    Drench Your Hair in Moisture

    It's a 10's Miracle Hair mask says that it repairs dry and damaged hair, stops breakage, protects color and more! But does it really work? Jasmine puts it to the test!

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  • Are You Using Enough Sunscreen?

    Are You Using Enough Sunscreen?

    It may say SPF 30 on the bottle, but if you're not applying your sunscreen correctly, you may only be getting SPF 4! Follow these dermatologist-approved guidelines to make sure your skin is protected properly this summer.

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  • Beauty Remorse: Backups

    Beauty Remorse: Backups

    Do the words "limited edition" and "discontinued" generate anxiety in your beauty routine? Products and brands come in-and-out of season faster than you can say "out of stock"—it's no wonder we collect those stand-out shades in multiples.

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  • Melt-proof Makeup For Summer
    • 558

    Melt-proof Makeup For Summer

    As the weather heats up, extra sweat will lead to oilier skin. So what's a girl to do when her face starts to melt under the sun? We gather a few tips to help you looking fresh and cool all summer long.

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  • Swiss Beauty: Aschen and Voss Makeup
    • 20

    Swiss Beauty: Aschen and Voss Makeup

    How awesome is this makeup from Swiss beauty newcomers, Aschen and Voss? The line blends the clean, pharmaceutical heritage of Switzerland with a modern twist.

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  • Wet Look Hair
    • 21

    Wet Look Hair

    When it comes to summer's easiest hair trend, the sleek, wet look, nothing works better than hair gel. Celebrity hairstylist Jeanie Syfu shows us how to take the gel out of the Jersey Shore (no spiky hair here!) and make it chic.

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  • Hot Summer Makeup Looks

    Hot Summer Makeup Looks 

    Summer is just around the corner and we can't wait for lazy days at the beach and warm nights on rooftops. To kick off the best season of the year (for us at least), we've gathered three hot summer looks that will have you melting hearts all around.

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  • Why Would A Brunette Dye Her Brows?

    Why Would A Brunette Dye Her Brows?

    Brow tinting makes sense for blondes (to darken or lighten hairs), but why would a brunette dye her brows? Beautylish's Ning colors her arches to see if there's a difference in definition.

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  • Proper Eyelash Care

    Proper Eyelash Care

    You should always handle the area around your eyes gently, especially your eyelashes. If you notice your lashes are falling out at an alarming rate, you might be treating them too roughly. Keep reading for our tips on proper eyelash care, including expert advice from celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor!

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  • 3 Ways To Dress Up Your Lips
    • 198

    3 Ways To Dress Up Your Lips

    Who said eyes get to have all the fun? From glitter to gold leaf, keep reading for three awesomely impractical but ultra-fun ways to dress up your lips this season.

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  • TIGI Summer Waves Giveaway

    TIGI Summer Waves Giveaway

    You know those perfectly imperfect beachy waves we all lust for? They're now attainable with the newest and hottest salt spray: TIGI Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray. We're so excited about this beach-ready baby that we're giving away three bottles to our Beauties! Keep reading to see how you can enter.

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  • New Marc Jacobs Muse: Dakota Fanning!

    New Marc Jacobs Muse: Dakota Fanning!

    Actress Dakota Fanning stars in the ad campaign for Marc Jacobs' latest scent, "Oh Lola," a little sister to his bestselling "Lola" fragrance. Keep reading for more info about the perfume and its inspiration.

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  • Free Skin Cancer Screenings Across America

    Free Skin Cancer Screenings Across America

    Beauties, have you had your skin checked for suspicious moles? The Skin Cancer Foundation Road to Healthy Skin Tour is now offering free full-body skin exams by local volunteer dermatologists. Keep reading to check out if it's coming to a city near you!

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  • 4 Quick Tips to Improving Your Videos

    4 Quick Tips to Improving Your Videos

    Just starting to make video tutorials and don't know where to begin? We have some tips that can get you headed in the right direction!

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  • How To Trim Your Cuticles
    • 325

    How To Trim Your Cuticles

    Do you know how to properly cut your cuticles? While they play an important role in protecting your delicate hands (they're just like the calluses on your feet!), your hands still need to look pretty and groomed. We chatted with Hollywood's go-to manicurist Deborah Lippmann on the perfect cuticle protocol.

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