• Chanel Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

    Chanel Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

    Here's a sneak peek at Chanel's latest makeup collection, available July 2011. Keep reading for photos and shade descriptions!

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  • Diesel Launches Comic-Inspired Only The Brave Captain America

    Diesel Launches Comic-Inspired Only The Brave Captain America

    Calling all comic book fans! Diesel's Only the Brave cologne will be available in a limited edition Captain America bottle this summer. Keep reading more info.

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  • Boys At The Makeup Counter

    Boys At The Makeup Counter

    Undercover Beauty Agent reports on the guys who've asked for her help at the makeup counter—asking for concealer to cover up their bruises and hickeys so they wouldn't get in trouble with their parents!

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  • Funk Up Your Hair Tutorials
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    Funk Up Your Hair Tutorials

    Is it just us or does it seem like there's been an increase of gorgeous hair tutorials out there? Adding a little extra funk to your hair is the easiest way to spice up your whole look this summer. We've gathered three tutorials from our Beautylish users that will have you looking funky this season (in the good way)!

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  • Protect Nails In The Summer
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    Protect Nails In The Summer

    Warm climate conditions can ravage healthy nails. The salt, sun, and chlorine can dehydrate and weaken your nail bed, so take some extra measures to protect your delicate fingers and toes this summer season.

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  • L'Oréal's Newest Spokesperson: Liya Kebede

    L'Oréal's Newest Spokesperson: Liya Kebede

    L'Oréal Paris just announced that supermodel Liya Kebede will be their newest spokesperson. Keep reading for more info about Liya including her incredible journey from being discovered while a high school student in Ethiopia to her high fashion days as Tom Ford's Gucci muse.

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  • Get Your Body Bikini Ready

    Get Your Body Bikini Ready

    Do you need more motivation to work out this summer? If the fear of wearing a bathing suit isn't enough to get you to the gym, how does a free pair of designer shoes sound? Keep reading to find out how you can win gifts like vacations, clothes, and makeup just for trying more calorie-burning activities (dancing counts too!).

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  • Bobbi Brown's Makeup Tips for Glasses

    Bobbi Brown's Makeup Tips for Glasses

    Bobbi's new Tortoise Shell Collection was designed with the bespectacled in mind. "When it comes to eye makeup and glasses, I believe in keeping things simple," Bobbi says. "It's not about piling on more makeup—it's about using the right makeup and techniques."

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  • Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection

    Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection

    Like a fantastic pair of glasses, Bobbi Brown's new Tortoise Shell Collection is all about the eyes. Gorgeous warm bronzes, golds, and browns are house in beautiful tortoise shell compacts, designed to light up your eyes! Which sets will you be snagging?

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  • DIY Banana Beauty Recipes

    DIY Banana Beauty Recipes

    Always in season, bananas are readily available at your grocery store. This fruit is packed with potassium, vitamin B and C, and tryptophan that help revitalize dry skin and hair. Here are three banana recipes to help you stay soft and silky all summer!

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  • Get Victoria's Secret Bombshell Waves

    Get Victoria's Secret Bombshell Waves

    Ever wondered how Victoria's Secret models get those gorgeous, voluminous, and sexy waves? New York hairstylist Dominick Pucciarello (who's managed the manes of all of your favorite Angels!) reveals the perfect technique for that signature 'Secret style.

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  • Is Bronzer Your BFF?

    Is Bronzer Your BFF?

    Beautylish's Undercover Beauty Agent dishes about her run-in with a Snooki-worshiping customer. What do you do when your client specifically asks to look "more orange?" Keep reading for the latest chapter of Counter Confidential.

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  • Summer Spa Treatments

    Summer Spa Treatments

    You don't need to jet set across the world for a vacation to unwind (though that would be nice). This summer, take a mini-retreat and treat yourself to some well-deserved R&R time at a spa. We give you our top three picks of refreshing spa treatments to pamper and prettify yourself.

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  • The Beauty Routine of a Zero-Waste Home

    The Beauty Routine of a Zero-Waste Home

    Remember the Bay Area home that accumulated ZERO trash? We're chatting with resident zero-waste wife and mom of the house, Béa Johnson. Her beauty routine is the ultimate in minimalism—just four products.

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  • MAC Glamglass

    MAC Glamglass 

    Has you jaws dropped yet, Beauties? MAC Cosmetics is launching the MAC Glamglass Collection, 11 newly formulated lip glosses that deliver intense color and 8 luscious lip pencils. Which one of these color-drenching glosses or pencils will you be pampering your pucker to?

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  • MAC Colourizations

    MAC Colourizations

    Couples can be seemingly mismatched...but when it works, it’s wonderful! MAC's launching Colourizations, a an octet of sophisticated and dramatic double features made for eyes. Technakohl Liner emphasizes the unique color combinations and Zoomlash mascara gives lashes that extra bit of drama. Keep reading for the full scoop on this late-summer launch!

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  • Chocolate Is The New Tan

    Chocolate Is The New Tan

    Dre Brown is back to discuss the summer skin care for darker Beauties. Just because your complexion is naturally "tan" doesn't mean you can skip on SPF, especially if you're planning on deepening your hue at the beach this season!

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  • Bye Bye Tan Lines

    Bye Bye Tan Lines

    No matter how careful we are under the sun, embarrassing tan lines are common summer offenders. Keep reading for our tips on on how to fade those lines of demarcation so no one will notice the evidence of your fun in the sun (or forgotten sunscreen).

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  • The Universal Language of Beauty

    The Universal Language of Beauty

    As the countdown to IMATS Los Angeles begins (it's next weekend!), Beautylish's Undercover Beauty Agent talks about the international appeal of vloggers and their tutorial videos.

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  • Ballerina Beauty
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    Ballerina Beauty

    From casual to theatrical, ballerina style is always chic: the tousled or slicked bun, the illuminated complexion, and the perfectly rosy lips have inspired beauty trends for decades. Keep reading to see everything we love about ballet beauty and how you can get the look!

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