• CoverGirl Queen Collection at the 2011 BET Awards

    CoverGirl Queen Collection at the 2011 BET Awards

    Queen Latifah's CoverGirl Queen Collection gets translated to the red carpet at the 2011 BET Awards. Find out what they used to make these gorgeous ladies glow!

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  • Guerlain Fall Color Collection 2011

    Guerlain Fall Color Collection 2011

    This fall, Guerlain wants you to invent your own fashion instead of following it. Their newest collection, "Mirror Mirror" is a fresh take on a classic look: a translucent, luminous complexion, intense eyes, and unforgettable lips. Interpret and transform this timeless look into your own! Keep reading for photos and swatches!

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  • Soft Summer Skin

    Soft Summer Skin

    Keeping your skin supple is always important, but especially in the summer, when you're wearing gauzy dresses, sleeveless tops, and short skirts. Keep reading for Dre Brown's tips on how to keep your skin moisturized all summer.

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  • Beautylish/IMATS Cupcake Afterparty Recap

    Beautylish/IMATS Cupcake Afterparty Recap

    This past weekend, Beautylish was on the scene in LA for the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS). We hosted our very own post-IMATS mixer for our community to unwind after a long day of shopping, schmoozing, and seminars. Keep reading to see which of your favorite Beauties attended!

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  • Eyebrow Fillers

    Eyebrow Fillers

    Well-shaped eyebrows can do wonders to frame your face (Brooke Shields brows defined her look!). Anastasia Soare, the founder of Anastasia Beverley Hills, is the eyebrow queen to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Lopez. Anastasia lends her expertise to Beautylish on how to beautifully shape and fill in eyebrows.

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  • Half Moon Manicure Tutorial
    • 180

    Half Moon Manicure Tutorial

    The retro half-moon is modern again! Here's the how-to.

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  • True Blood Nail Tutorial
    • 119

    True Blood Nail Tutorial 

    This isn't your typical nail design that's all cupcake and sunshine. We have our in-house nail expert, Romee Han, create "True Blood" inspired gory nails. Keep reading to see how to vamp nails up with this dark design!

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  • Celebrity Fragrance Round-Up

    Celebrity Fragrance Round-Up

    Celebrity Fragrances are hotter than ever, and we've got the list of the hottest celeb scents of 2011. Keep reading to see which of your favorite stars (from Justin Bieber to Beyoncé) you can smell like this year!

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  • Lady Gaga Makeover

    Lady Gaga Makeover

    Undercover Beauty Agent preps a customer who's heading to the Lady Gaga concert with a gaga-licious makeup look.

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  • Avoid The White Cast of Sunscreen

    Avoid The White Cast of Sunscreen

    The white cast from sunscreens on our faces is not a good look on anyone—who wants to look pasty and flat? It's not as noticeable in person but when pictures are taken (and you start getting tagged on Facebook), you look downright silly. But don't toss the SPF Beauties! Keep reading for our tips on how to steer clear on looking pasty in photos.

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  • Fix A Broken Nail
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    Fix A Broken Nail

    Don't you hate it when you get a deep tear in just one nail? We've got an easy DIY trick to repair your cracked nail with a tea bag and super glue!

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  • Spotlight On: Petrilude

    Spotlight On: Petrilude

    The Halloween King of YouTube dishes about the person who has taught him the most about applying makeup. Keep reading to find out who it is!

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  • Bruise Be Gone

    Bruise Be Gone

    Sometimes us Beauties can be a bit clumsy and will bump into the occasional coffee table or door knob. It's definitely not cute when you rock a cute summer dress with discolored spots as accessories. We have a few nifty tricks that will help heal your small bruises faster.

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  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Stuns At Moscow Transformers 3 Premiere

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Stuns At Moscow Transformers 3 Premiere

    Model and Actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley absolutely stunned at the Moscow premiere of Transformers 3 on Thursday, June 23rd. Celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder shares with us how she gave Rosie her minimalist stained makeup look and products she used for the effect.

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  • Favorite Natural Sunscreens

    Favorite Natural Sunscreens

    Green has officially made its way to sunscreen. Try these three sunscreens—formulated with natural, good-for-you ingredients.

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  • Tarte for True Blood™ Limited-Edition Collection

    Tarte for True Blood™ Limited-Edition Collection

    Calling all Sookie Stackhouse (and Eric!) fans. HBO's True Blood is back for its fourth season on Sunday, June 26th, and the town of Bon Temps is getting a scarlet makeover. Take "just bitten" to a whole new level with Tarte's new blood-inspired collection for lips, cheeks, and eyes!

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  • Five Minute Friday Smoky Eye

    Five Minute Friday Smoky Eye

    Undercover Beauty Agent shares how she does a five minute smoky eye for those customers who stop by her counter on their way to catch their train.

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  • A No Tan Summer?

    A No Tan Summer?

    Are you trying to maintain a lighter complexion when it seems like all your friends are bronzing up for the summer? Keep reading as beauty guru Jasmine (jazziebabycakes) gives us the scoop on a soap that might be able to help save you from tanning.

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  • Wedding Guest Beauty Inspirations

    Wedding Guest Beauty Inspirations

    Welcome to wedding season! Get inspired with these with these three inspirational makeup, hair and nail tutorials from Beautylish Beauties that will have you looking like the picture perfect guest (but not better than the bride, of course!).

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  • DIY Sunburn Soothers

    DIY Sunburn Soothers

    We know you're diligent about your sun care, but sometimes the SPF just doesn't cut it. If you find yourself with an unsightly and unbearable sunburn, we've got three all-natural DIY skin soothers that will decrease inflammation and speed up the post-burn aftermath.

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