• Foundation Techniques for Women of Color

    Foundation Techniques for Women of Color

    At the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) Los Angeles this past weekend, Emmy award winning makeup artist Eve Pearl (the woman responsible for reality singer Susan Boyle's makeover!) demonstrated her tips and tricks for a flawless finish on women of color.

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  • Why We Love Emma Watson

    Why We Love Emma Watson

    Emma Watson's one of the faces of Lancôme, recently underwent a dramatic hair cut and is now showing off hot new beauty looks. We profile five of the star's best beauty looks and give you tips on how to achieve them at home.

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  • Beauty Guru Must-Haves for Theme Parks

    Beauty Guru Must-Haves for Theme Parks

    Ever wonder what essentials beauty gurus pack for a day at an amusement park? We've got the scoop on their must haves for enjoying the Happiest Place on Earth!

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  • Summer Makeup S.O.S.

    Summer Makeup S.O.S. 

    Beautylish's Undercover Beauty Agent is back with her tips on how to prevent makeup melt-down by paring down your summer regiment to the bare minimum. Keep reading for the latest chapter from Counter Confidential.

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  • L'Oréal President Carol J. Hamilton at CEW Women in Series Seminar

    L'Oréal President Carol J. Hamilton at CEW Women in Series Seminar

    Does working in makeup as a beauty executive sound like your dream job? Beautylish attended the CEW West Coast Women in Series seminar last week to hear L'Oréal USA President Carol J. Hamilton's tips on entering the industry.

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  • Beauty Tips From Alicia and Rihanna's Makeup Artist
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    Beauty Tips From Alicia and Rihanna's Makeup Artist

    Working with clients like Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, and Rihanna, celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff is a red carpet beauty expert. Here, Ashunta shares her makeup tips on everything from applying false lashes to looking good in the spotlight.

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  • MAC Previews Fall 2011 Runway Trends
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    MAC Previews Fall 2011 Runway Trends

    At IMATS Los Angeles this past weekend, MAC unveiled the hottest Fall/Winter 2011 makeup trends from the New York, Paris, London, and Milan fashion shows. Keep reading for the top four makeup looks that we'll all be wearing this year.

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  • Sexy Bronze Looks

    Sexy Bronze Looks

    There is something so alluring about the bronze look—it makes everyone look sexier and slimmer. Here are 3 different types of bronze makeup tutorials that will have you looking like a sexy bronze summer bunny!

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  • DIY Bridal Makeup

    DIY Bridal Makeup

    Thinking of doing your own wedding makeup (or has a friend enlisted your help with her look)? Keep reading for the best big day beauty tips from makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor's Bridal Beauty seminar.

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  • How To Quit Biting Your Nails
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    How To Quit Biting Your Nails

    Beautylish's Victoria tells you her nail-biting beauty confession and discusses how she overcame the habit! Keep reading to see which tips and techniques will work best for you!

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  • A Sweet Tooth For Kandee Johnson

    A Sweet Tooth For Kandee Johnson

    With her high energy and optimistic attitude, YouTube guru Kandee Johnson may seem like she has the perfect life. But keep reading to find out what she struggles with and her advice for a happy, successful life.

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  • Make Up For Ever Dany Sanz' Creativity Tips

    Make Up For Ever Dany Sanz' Creativity Tips

    At the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) Los Angeles this past weekend, legendary makeup artist, painter, and Make Up For Ever creator Dany Sanz talked to eager students about finding inspiration and imagination in your work.

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  • 6 Beauty Tips I Learned In Paradise

    6 Beauty Tips I Learned In Paradise

    On a recent trip to the tropics, Beautylish's Victoria had her share of beauty blunders and experiences. Keep reading to see 6 beauty tips she learned from paradise!

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  • Best Budget-Friendly Makeup Remover Wipes

    Best Budget-Friendly Makeup Remover Wipes

    Are you guilty of not taking off your makeup at night? If so, take that beauty walk of shame! We know, it happens to everyone, but if you keep handy makeup wipes around, you'll never have an excuse not to clean up before bed. Keep reading for our top 3 drugstore picks of great makeup wipes that won't break the bank.

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  • Redhead Beauty Tips
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    Redhead Beauty Tips

    Ginger-haired makeup artist Lauren Gott shares her beauty tips so the attention you attract won't be because of your mismatched brows and lashes.

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  • CoverGirl Queen Collection at the 2011 BET Awards

    CoverGirl Queen Collection at the 2011 BET Awards

    Queen Latifah's CoverGirl Queen Collection gets translated to the red carpet at the 2011 BET Awards. Find out what they used to make these gorgeous ladies glow!

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  • Guerlain Fall Color Collection 2011

    Guerlain Fall Color Collection 2011

    This fall, Guerlain wants you to invent your own fashion instead of following it. Their newest collection, "Mirror Mirror" is a fresh take on a classic look: a translucent, luminous complexion, intense eyes, and unforgettable lips. Interpret and transform this timeless look into your own! Keep reading for photos and swatches!

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  • Soft Summer Skin

    Soft Summer Skin

    Keeping your skin supple is always important, but especially in the summer, when you're wearing gauzy dresses, sleeveless tops, and short skirts. Keep reading for Dre Brown's tips on how to keep your skin moisturized all summer.

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  • Beautylish/IMATS Cupcake Afterparty Recap

    Beautylish/IMATS Cupcake Afterparty Recap

    This past weekend, Beautylish was on the scene in LA for the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS). We hosted our very own post-IMATS mixer for our community to unwind after a long day of shopping, schmoozing, and seminars. Keep reading to see which of your favorite Beauties attended!

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  • Eyebrow Fillers

    Eyebrow Fillers

    Well-shaped eyebrows can do wonders to frame your face (Brooke Shields brows defined her look!). Anastasia Soare, the founder of Anastasia Beverley Hills, is the eyebrow queen to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Lopez. Anastasia lends her expertise to Beautylish on how to beautifully shape and fill in eyebrows.

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