Valentino Hair, Paris Fashion Week S/S 2012


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Hairstylist Guido envisioned a classic, sensual Valentino woman when he created the soft, romantic braids at the show yesterday. “Valentino has really found their woman and we see her each season in different guises. Today's look is very signature Valentino, it's beautiful and romantic, it’s about a woman with an ease to her beauty," said Guido. The look we created is a French braid wrapped around her head, the kind of beauty that is timeless.”

  1. Shampoo and condition hair with All Soft IPN shampoo and conditioner.

  2. Apply All Soft Argan-6 Multi-Care Oil and blowdry to create a soft shine to the hair.

  3. Take a circular section of the hair at the crown, divide into three sections and begin to French braid the hair starting in the middle. Continue the braid just under the right ear going all the way counterclockwise around the hairline, pinning hair along the way to keep in place.

  4. Pull out a few wisps of hair to keep the final look easy and soft.

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