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Why We Love Anna Sui

We have fallen in love with the little paradise Anna Sui hascreated and we hopeyou love it too!

We've always loved Anna's signature style, instantly recognizable as both glamorous and bohemian, with a high-low and playful quality. Everything about Anna-- from her ornately decorated apartment and boutiques, to the clothes and the makeup, is part of a fantasy universe that she has created.

It's a world that we are invited to enter, and through the magic of a beautiful compact or an elegant mascara are able to bring into our own lives.

Her attention to detail mirrors our own belief, that no item it too small to be special. It's that love that she puts into everything that gets us so excited.

Anna Sui has taken care to create the finest experience in beauty. She has combined the rich essence of tea rose with high-quality products and put them in the most beautiful package.

We have fallen in love with the little paradise Anna Sui has created and we hope you love it too!

xo. beautylish!

About Anna Sui

On the runway, designer Anna Sui is renowned for her deft use of materials and textures, as well as her masterful command of prints and patterns. She possesses a dark and elegant sense of femininity that permeates everything from her flagship SoHo store to her exquisite makeup line.

Since the early ‘80s, Sui has played a pivotal role in the New York fashion world— casual friends include fashion industry legends Steven Meisel, Garren, François Nars, and Naomi Campbell. However, it wasn’t until 1999 that Anna Sui brought her beauty products to life. Her packaging mirrors the interior of her world, complete with black-lacquered containers decorated with ornate roses and intricate detailing. If you don't own a vanity yet, these makeup collectibles will definitely make you want to get one.

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