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New Dita Von Teese Nails by Kiss


Wish you were more like Dita Von Teese, queen of burlesque? Now your nails can be! Dita has partnered with Kiss to launch a line of half-moon manicured nails in a deep red shade. The nails are quintessentially Dita, giving a touch of glamor to any outfit or occasion. Dita's love of the half-moon stems from its old-fashioned roots. A half-moon began as a way to prolong your manicure and disguise that they were growing out. With Dita's stick-on nails, you won't have to worry about painting it on yourself!

Product availability: Available now on Dita's official website, and for purchase at her upcoming 2012 "Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray" Tour

Dita Von Teese Nails by Kiss, $9.99

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