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great for peeling

i use carmex for one thing only... and thats when my lips are peeling and i cant control it... i apply a thick coat and let it sit for a few minutes then rub it off and its like i have a new set of soft lips... the only thing i dont like is the smell ant rupungent taste eww

small but great

These little brushes work sooo well ... i love the powder brush because it really soft and works great for blush and bronzer... the only brush i dont like is the eyeshadow brush because its to loose for me personally... and the eyeliner brush is great for inner conner shadow because its so small

first love

This was the first foundation i ever bought to practice working on evening out my skin ... i loved it immediately because it evened out my skin and made it look matte and smooth .... the only thing i would suggest is using it in moderation because a little goes a long way

smells like medicine

I loved this foundation becuase it was very light .... it almost felt like i was applying wter on my face ... it wasnt clogging and it last all day ... i used a little concealer and a finishing powder on top because my face felt so naked using the liquid alone ... the only thing that made me self conscious about this product was the smell ... its was kinda like medicine and it was very off putting :( other than that it was good

easy to use

I use tis under my eye and when i have scars from acne and it works perfectly ... sometimes i dont even need foundation... it works great in areas where breakout are frequent

love it

Love it ... it gives me a even tone without me having to use too much ... i wear it all day and it doesnt feel too heavy or like its cloggin my pours... the expert at mac gave me a piece of perfection :)

best flat iron ever

my sister bought me this for graduation two years ago and i havent let it go since. I can curl flip straighten and add sheen all at the same time. the floating ceramic plates also keeps the iron from pulling at your hair. it has a heat setting dial and a indicator light for when its ready to use. its normally ready in 10 to 20 seconds. they are also easy to replace if broken. prices differ from where you purchase but the cheapest i heard was 50 the moost expensive 160.

nice for the price

I like this tweezer becuase it only a dollar and its heavy. i use it when i apply false lash strip becuase i can get a good grip on it. since the tweezer is heavy it can be kinda harsh for plucking.


I have this liner in brown and its okay when first applied but after awhile it fades and its kinda unoticable ... i dont use it that often because the brush is hard and scratchy


the looseness of the brush makes it good for a light application of finishing powder ... but it sheds alot so thats not good... i would recommend this as a gift for begginers who like the cheap way out.

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