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best lipgloss on the planet hands down ... smells good ... tastes great and works amazingly ... my lips tend to peel alot but this soothes the roughness plus it looks really cute

smells good

i bought this spray on sale and for a product from victoria secret i was shocked at how cheap it turned out to be ... the spray wore off very fast and although it smelled well it was very weak ... i felt like as soon as i walked outside the smell drifted away and i had to continually apply all day ... but on the plus side the bottle is super cute ;)

feels weird

For some reason my mother and sister love this product but i dont .... i has a little hint of glitter in it and when i rub it on it feels like its cutting my skin and the scent is strong and perfumey ...its more of a coated feeling on my skin but it does feel soft

Best fade product

i use this mostly everyday under my make up ... i have had random breakouts since i started high school and now 2 years later after high school my skin is farely clear scarring and marks and hyper pigmentation ... when i started using this i would wear tons of concealer but now i only focus on evening out my complexion rather than hiding bad acne effects ... i reccommend this product to any woman with dark scarring on their face

okay not the best

these sheet are okay ... i know i have oily skin and yet everytime i use these they dont change color ... it doesnt pick up much at all ... i think its becuase of the texture of the sheets... i would rather use another brand which is cheaper and works better for me personally

a good avon product

this product it like a baby oil with perfume ... so il like baby oil for grown ups... i like how it make my body smell clean after use but my skin feels kinda coated ... the smoothness and smell lasts all day ... i would just say use in moderation because too much of a good thing can get messy in this case ;)

not so great

i have very dry skin that soaks up moisture really fast i normally wear cocoa so when this came out i thought it would be lighter and perfect as a body moisturizer ... i tried this on my problem areas like my arms and legs and feet and it only worked on my feet... it did not last long all day and it seemed to coat the problem and not soothe and treat the problem ... :(


The smell of this one is strong at first and it felt like i was washing in perfume but after the shower the smell wears off ... the only thing i like is that its stronger than some of the other products ... i think older women would like this because its a mature smell and not girly

How do you pronounce it lol

I like this fragrance because its strong but sweet smelling ... when i wear it i feel regal ... the scent lasts along time and i always get asked about what perfume im wearing but i cant really pronounce it lmao

nice shine

my teacher gave this to me because it wasnt her "thing" .... but i love this because its soft and smooth on your lips without too much shine ... i love the nuetral color too

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