TruBlend Liquid Make Up


Ty P.
first love

This was the first foundation i ever bought to practice working on evening out my skin ... i loved it immediately because it evened out my skin and made it look matte and smooth .... the only thing i would suggest is using it in moderation because a little goes a long way

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ramie x.
Need to bring this back!

I got this foundation at a trusted discount store for under $4! I was surprised by the blendable formula. It is a sheer-medium coverage but definitely be built up. It has a nice dewy finish and smells decent. I use it with an Avon Foundation brush or even with a basic makeup wedge.

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Whitney H.

I'm a strong believer in there is no such thing as a "bad" foundation. It greatly depends on how you use it. I mix a few pumps of this into other foundations to create a hybrid lol. I've been mixing foundations for years because it's virtually the only way you'll get a true match. This foundation on it's own.... It doesn't hold up. But blended in with others it's decent.

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Sarah H.
Not the greatest, saddly.

I got this foundation back in 2009(during summer) when my skin was a couple shades darker due to being in the sun, and natural tanning. This foundation, unfortunately did not work for me at all. It made me break out like crazy, and looked really oily on my skin. It clogged my pores terribly. One thing most people don't know, is that Covergirl products(especially their foundations, powders, bronzers, and blushes) have Noxema in them. (Yes, that's what gives them that weird smell.) Anyways, if you're someone like me who has really sensitive skin, Noxema can wreak havoc on your skin. So, having noxema in this foundation, not only made me breakout but it made my skin burn as I put it on. And when I took it off at the end of the day, my skin was very red, it looked like I got sunburned on my face. Also, as I've found with most Covergirl foundations, the color shades are a bit off. Their site recommended "Soft Honey" for me at the time, when really I was probably "Creamy Natural" or "Natural Beige". Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this foundation to anyone with sensitive or acne prone skin. The coverage isn't very promising either, it is very light, and at best buildable enough to medium coverage. But I found, the more of this you put on, the cakier it looked on me. Not a great foundation at all in my opinion.

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