Clean Makeup Oil Control


Melissa  L.
Thumbs down

I have normal skin (oily on my T-zone) and this product made me break out so bad. The consistency was very liquidy which made it very hard to build up coverage, and the product would not stay on my face very well.

Nadia A.
Love this so much!

I bought this product to replace my old coverup and I absolutely love the matte feeling! My skin is so smooth and it covers up blemishes nicely! Most definitely will be buying this again! :)

Erica  S.

For a product that is supposed to help break out from happening, it does a poor job. It feels heavy and has caused more break outs then other foundations I have used. It also doesn't blend well with my skin tone and makes my blemishes stand out more than appear hidden.

MacKenzie B.

If used with a powder, I found it could be okay. It didn't have great coverage in areas, but would probably work for others better than me. I won't be repurchasing.

Julia S.

Oh my gosh this stuff Is my savior! After searching a long time I found this amazing foundation!! My skin was pretty oily before I started using this stuff and within a week my oil had decreased A LOT!! It goes on so smoothly and gives full and good coverage! My only complainer is that it can weAr of kind of easily but I found by using a translucent powder with setting spray with make your face look flawless and you will feel great! It also Is not heavy or cakey so don't worry! :)

Luz R.
It dries my skin

My skin is combination more on the oily side and when I started using it, it left my skin with dry patches all over and my skin felt very dry. It might work for other people but for me it definitely doesn't.

Abegail M.
great product....for the price

This was the first foundation I ever bought. For five bucks this is a pretty good product.I have really oily skin so the thickness didn't bother me and it blended really easily. After experimenting with other foundations I started to find ones I liked a lot better, but i will say that I have yet to find a better foundation at this price! :)

Chelsea R.

Boy does this stuff work! It covers up any flaws you might have on your face. It smooths itself out so well and doesn't leave any oily residue behind. For a drugstore, grocery-store product it is successful. The price is reasonable (very) and it lasts such a long time if you are applying correctly. Sometimes foundation takes what seems like forever to dry, but by the time i'm done applying this foundation to my face it's already soaked it, covering up my flaws and dry. Thank you Cover Girl.

Stacey T.

I have acne prone skin and dark spots cause by acne. I'm able to layer this on to cover my spots and acne and my pores don't get clogged. It feels way lighter than any other drugstore foundation. I used to apply extra power several times a day, now I barley need to bring my makeup with me to school! This saved my life, and boosted my confidence. I used to be a die hard l'oreal girl. Now I'm a covergirl chick!!! FOREVER! :))

Marian H.
For 5 bucks is ok...

While I like the texture and how easy to blend this is... It oxides to a really ugly unnatural color... also is a tad bit too pink-ish, but for 5 bucks is way better than Rimmel's poreless clean makeup. A little covers enough, but in my face after 2 hours... looks like an oil slick gone bad... rlly bad...