TruBlend Liquid Make Up


Ty P.
first love

This was the first foundation i ever bought to practice working on evening out my skin ... i loved it immediately because it evened out my skin and made it look matte and smooth .... the only thing i would suggest is using it in moderation because a little goes a long way

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ramie x.
Need to bring this back!

I got this foundation at a trusted discount store for under $4! I was surprised by the blendable formula. It is a sheer-medium coverage but definitely be built up. It has a nice dewy finish and smells decent. I use it with an Avon Foundation brush or even with a basic makeup wedge.

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Viola M.
great coverage

been looking for the a great shade for blending. I really like covergirl's trublend liquid make up. its such a great product and makes me feel so pretty. with makeup we look to enhance what we have not try to hide behind it. i really like it

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Erica  S.

I really like the coverage of this product. I felt that it also does a good job of blending with my natural skin tone as well as keeping it's coverage throughout the day.

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Holly K.
I actually like it

I know there are a lot of bad reviews on this but I really like this foundation. I have combination to dry skin and this works really well for me. It doesn't get oily too quickly when powdered and it doesn't accentuate my dry spots. The coverage is pretty sheer though. I have acne scarring and blemishes and I have to build the foundation with thin layers in order to cover them. However, it covers the redness of my skin really well. I'm very pale and if there's any type of redness on my face it is easily seen. With this foundation that is easily covered.

I love the application as well. I have applied this with my fingers and it looks really good. I have used a sponge and it looks good. I have used a brush and it looks good. Unless you don't blend and apply too much there's no way to make it look bad.

The texture is great too. It's very creamy and it feels great whenever I'm applying it. It's very light too. Sometimes I forget I'm wearing foundation when I wear this. Overall I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely keep using this.

I only wish that it lasted longer. I use this on days that I know that I will only be out for a few hours. If I have to be out all day then I use a different foundation.

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Renee K.

The covergirl trublend liquid makeup is great for my combination skin. I liked all the choices to pick from. I ended up going with 1- 415 a pretty light shade. It gives me great coverage. I apply this with a brush, but I've also used a wedge to apply. I think it looks great no matter what tool I use to apply.

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Jasmin R.

It's a decent foundation, but does little for coverage. You also need to use a primer and a pressed powder to get it to stay all day. For a longer lasting and better covering foundation I recommend the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation.

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Heather M.

I bought this foundation because the current foundation I'm using is a shade too dark for me. I was hoping it would match my skin tone better than the other. It does fit my skin tone- it's a perfect match. BUT, if you are trying to cover blemishes and/or acne scarring, like I am, it is not that great. I have acne scarring on my cheeks, and it does not cover them fully. This foundation isn't that great, but it's not horrible. I would recommend this to someone who has good skin- someone who doesn't have acne scarring and doesn't break out that often.

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Whitney H.

I'm a strong believer in there is no such thing as a "bad" foundation. It greatly depends on how you use it. I mix a few pumps of this into other foundations to create a hybrid lol. I've been mixing foundations for years because it's virtually the only way you'll get a true match. This foundation on it's own.... It doesn't hold up. But blended in with others it's decent.

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Kelsey F.

I purchased this foundation in a shade that LOOKED like a perftect match...upon first applying it, it seemed to match my skin. However, as I rubbed it in and it started to dry, it became at LEAST and entire shade darker. I didn't want to waste an entire bottle, so I had to walk around looking like an oompa loompa for a good period of time. Once I used it all up, I went to the store and decided to try the same foundation in a lighter shade (I actually ended up having to go two shades lighter, in order to get a perfect match), but I was really taking a gamble because the lighter shade appeared to be WAY too pale for my complexion. However, I took it home and tried it out, and sure enough, it dried about two shades darker and matched my skin perfectly. All was not well this time around, though - the foundation did not offer great coverage and did little to even out my skin. If I do build it up to get the coverage and even coloration that I need, it gets cakey and oily-looking. Overall, NOT a huge fan of the product and once I use it all up, I'll definitely be going in a different direction with my foundation.

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