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great base

After i apply primer i use the duo as a base. it normally makes my shadows darker and last longer. i wouldnt use this product by itself because its too sticky. its hard for me to blink some times and it feels gooey and disgusting. also its gonna crease up on you after a few hours of being out in the sun ... on the plus side the variety of colors and combos are endless.

love it

I love this brush because it thick. i use it every time i do bold looks because i have to pack on the powder. Its very easy to clean. no shedding. long lasting. good for beginners who dont want to spend tons of money. its only a dollar you cant beat that.

not okay

Everytime i used this product it makes my skin look extra dark. but when i use it on my mom it blends in perfectly and its not even her shade. it also feels heavy.

A good choice

I like this mascara because it does exactly what its advertised for. The clean sweep wiping system is really good because you dont have to ruin your brush trying to get off excess. I like the brush because it seperates and straightens my lashes. I always use this mascara after curling my lashes but then i use another heavier mascara on top because although its non clumping its not thickening.

great mascara

I bought this mascara in a rush and it was on sale at Target, the best mistake I ever made. It gives you thickness and volume where you need it most. My sister thought that I was wearing false lashes when i first applied it.... but thats just how good it works. The only thing i suggest is getting the waterproof because the regular version can get really messy in the shower.

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