Cold Sore Reliever and Lip Moisturizer, Jar


Sandra C.

Love it, the odd thing is you can use it for everything dry lips, bug bits, scraps, and fever blisters anything topical we love you.

Mariana B.
Best Lip Balm EVER

I've been using this for 4 years straight now and it never lets me down. 4 years ago, I got my first ever canker sore and I put this on it. It worked. Now, I use this to prevent future canker sores and just to moisturize my lips. I have not had a canker sore since then and my lips are extremely smooth. It also smooths chapped lips. I absolutely love this product. It applies easily onto my lips and it comes in different sizes and styles. It's extremely small and can fit in my makeup bag. I will definitely continue to buy this product.

Kristin Ann S.
Not just for cold sores!

Everybody needs one of these! I prefer the tub VS. the stick, it's creamier & thicker to me. As long as you treat it in a sanitary manner & like all personal care products reserve use for yourself only then you should be good to go. I recently have been having painfully dry, chapped, overexfoliated lips, tried a bunch of everything & this little gem was the only thigh that helps. You can feel it sinking in, working & healing! It may not have designer flavor or gimmicky cute packaging, but I will keep using this daily. Highly rec'd!!

Esmeralda A.
love it ^.\

embarrassing fact... this stuff helps with cold sores... but its also good for jst everyday use. idk y but one day wen i ran out of moisturizer i used a lil bit of this nd it left my dry skin feeling soft ever since then! i love it! its definatly a product u need! ^o^

Gloria H.
Can't leave home without it

I honestly cannot leave my house without my Carmex lip balm. I've tried Neutrogena, Nuxe, Elizabeth Arden and Blimex among others but none of them have been as moisturizing and smooth as Carmex. It's ability to not only lock in moisture but also help rehydrate your lips is simply unsurpassed. Vaseline couldn't heal your lips the way this baby does.

Though it's not as yummy or as great smelling as other lip balms on the market, I actually prefer that as it leaves me free choice in choosing whatever lipsticks and glosses I then want to layer on. I've got the jar and stick version and they're both great, though I generally prefer the stick version simply because it feels cleaner to not have to stick my finger in.

Get yours!

Natalie C.
Not Just For Lips Anymore...

I love this stuff to death! But I've limited my use to only when I truly need it. Whenever my lips get super dry, chapped, flaky, just GROSS, I use this for about 2 days straight, day and night, and my lips are back to being super soft.

I also use this on my face when needed. During the winter, I get rough patches of skin around my mouth/cheek area which gets flaky and tight. Not good when you need to wear foundation. I put this on my face at night wherever I have rough patches because the active ingredient in this is SALICYLIC ACID! Within about 3 days, applying about twice a day, the rough patches are completely gone. It doesn't clog my pores because of that main ingredient.

They have to get rid of that "For-Cold-Sores" though because it makes me feel uncomfortable popping this out in public, especially when I'm in the subway or bus. I obviously don't have a cold sore but that isn't going to deter people from thinking that. Bad marketing.

Janel B.
Ol Faithful

Carmex is the kind of product when you know you're having something going on with your lips and you need a remedy, Carmex is your product. It works, it truly does. Smells medicinal but hey, it's not trying to be fancy at all. Moisturizing lip balm that definitely heals cracked lips or if you're like me gets a dry patch during the winter.

Rina N.

This is the only lip balm I can live with because it moisturizes your lips extremely well. It works for cold sores but it's great on chapped lips! The little thing might be pricey for some but it last a long time!! It does get annoying having to rub your finger but just make sure your the only one who uses it and sanitize your hands before and after! But overall amazing product!

Angela V.

I love carmex its great for helping u get rid of dry chapped lips but I rather the carmex in the tube and not in the jar. The reason why I like the tube is that you dont have to put your fingers in the jar and contaminate it.. its not very sanitary unless u always make sure u wash your hands before u use it and really who has time for that.. So carmex is a great product but go with the tube.

Ty P.
great for peeling

i use carmex for one thing only... and thats when my lips are peeling and i cant control it... i apply a thick coat and let it sit for a few minutes then rub it off and its like i have a new set of soft lips... the only thing i dont like is the smell ant rupungent taste eww