Slant Tweezer


gee m.

For these tweezers to be so inexpensive they are great and they are the only tweezers I use. Once I purchased my first pair of E.L.F. tweezers and saw that they are sleek, sturdy, and able to pick of the shortest hair with the first attempt, I placed an order for several more to share with my mom and as back up’s for myself. You can’t beat a good product for a $1.00.

Andrea P.
Cheap without losing quality

I have tried those other one dollar tweezers and even the ones that are more and they tend to be too hard and end up cutting my brow hairs rather than grabbing them so I can pull them out or totally opposite and not grab them at all, just slip through. This one though, I NEVER have a problem with! I have like 4 of them around the house because my 3 sisters and mom keep taking them from me! Totally recommend, even if you hate it its just 1$!

Ty P.
nice for the price

I like this tweezer becuase it only a dollar and its heavy. i use it when i apply false lash strip becuase i can get a good grip on it. since the tweezer is heavy it can be kinda harsh for plucking.

Christine B.

This tweezer is my holy grail. Before I used a sally hansen expensive tweezer but during the holidays I saw this on sale at target for a $1 with a bunch of other useful products. I haven't stopped using the tweezer since. I absolutely love it and I recommend it for anyone! It does a great job of pulling out those annoying coarse hairs and also the very thin hairs right above the eyelid. Go pick it up!

Manda S.
$1 tweezer yes please

Does what a tweezer is supposed to do. Plus it was a dollar. I don't have any issues plucking my eyebrows with this baby. Does what you expect it to do.

Ashlee P.
Does what it's supposed to do.

I like it a lot. It grabs on to the smallest hairs and gets everything I need it to get. Way better deal than wasting your money on salon brands like tweezerman or something like that. Just a dollar, and does everything you would expect it to.

Kaysi W.
Heck yes!

For $1?!? These are wonderful!! The best I have found, and great price! They really get the job done! They get the thick short ones, and the little thin hairs too. I can't believe how great ELF's prices are!

Justyne L.

Best tweezers I have ever used! they are strong and can get really small hairs they work just as good or even better then expensive tweezers, it is a MUST BUY, you wont ever go back and they are only $1!

Diana A.

I swear these are the best tweezers for only $1! It really does have a strong grip and removes hair easily. I spent so much money on other top brand tweezers that didnt even work that great. You should give it a try if you havent, I mean its only a $1 afterall =)