Go With The Pro Mini Brush Kit

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Jennifer B.
Great as a stocking stuffer!

Welcome to mark. We have everything you need. To purchase go to Everything from mark. can be purchased at my eboutique. Use WELCOME coupon code for free shipp shipping!

Rachel R.
Great for purse

I love these little brushes. They fit in my purse for on the go touch ups. My favorite brush is the Lip brush for lipstick/gloss touch ups.

Andrea B.
Great Brushes, Amazing Value

This is an awesome kit. I keep mine in my purse for on the go makeup application or travel. They're nice sized brush all put together in this cute case. I use the powder brush a lot actually, it's great for putting on my powder, it's nice and dense. The Eyeshadow brush is a little flimsy but you get used to it. I really love this kit, it's convenient, affordable and you're getting great brushes.

Amrita A.
Amazing Quality!

These are actually an amazing quality for such a small amount of money. I love them. They're not only great for travel, but also for those people (like me) who are blind as a bat and have to get super close to a mirror to apply any kind of makeup. Love them. You can buy them here:

Jackie G.
Amazing quality Awesome Price!

These brushes are AMAZING quality for such a good price. Plus it comes with the case! I use full sized mark. brushes at home and love them and I ALWAYS travel with this set!!!

Krystal B.
great travel brushes

These brushes are very functional and easy to use. I love using these brushes to apply my eyeshadows and lip glosses. I had these brushes for 6 months now, and I never had any problems or sheadding issues. One of the best set of brushes I have ever used.

Letikia T.

I've had my set of brushes for about three years. They are of really good quality and I keep them in my purse. I have cleaned them several times and they still are holding up. No shedding !

Darilynn T.
Nice Set!

For the price, you can't get a better deal! These are good quality and will last a long time with proper use. I would highly recommend for a younger girl, who's not quite ready to take care of luxury or artist brushes!

Ash S.

I LOVE THIS! it is so easy to just stick in my purse or travel bag. It has the basics so I don't have to go through my brushes wondering what to bring when I am going anywhere overnight. I definitely recommend this!

Sh-nee W.

I love this brush set...but I have to admit, now that we have Bling on the Brushes, I LOVE the way that case looks. But of course the quality of the brushes is the same.