Beauty Product Reviews

I like this product but dont love it. I will keep using this product but probably wont repurchase.

-I was confused at the tag 'complexion perfection' as it didnt do anything to my complexion. But i use this to set my foundation and concealer. -Its on the lighter side and im already quite light so i dont know how it would work for those who are darker than me. -Its huge and for only $3 i might be tempted to repurchase if im out of my setting loose powder. -Its pretty (??) i like the colors. I have to admit that its my first reason to purchase this. -It has a huge mirror so you could bring this around to touch up. -Ive been using it for several months everyday but havent touched the pan yet. -it doesnt help with redness though.

This is my 2nd one and i also have a backup (just in case you know). Ive only tried the peach satin so i can only comment based on that one.

-Its a nice and light coral thats not too orangey. -It has a lot of shimmers so dont be surprised! I think its great for daytime and during summer. It brightens up your face instantly. When i dont get enough sleep i would just dab this product and i look instantly alive! -The cons is that i hate using my fingers to apply this blush, it would get stuck underneath my nails. When i use my brush it picked up too much product so im stuck with using my fingers. -Its also not that pigmented and not very build able so if you usually go heavier on blush, the peach satin wont do it for you. -The package is pretty huge so not great to put in my purse. Hard to touch up too.

I love this product because its cheap and has a lot of products in it. The content is abundant and it will last you a long time!

-Its pretty heavy and huge so its not great for traveling. (Plus the package is made out of glass so be careful of it breaking) -I have oily skin but yet it doesnt make me oily compare to those liquid foundations. -Not heavy at all. It literally made me feel i wasnt wearing any foundation on my face. -I use my fingers to apply it so its kind of messy. (have to wipe my hands afterwards) i dont want to use a brush because i dont want it to get too much product. -The color matches my skin perfectly so it looks natural on me. -The cons is that it doesnt have any SPF. -Build able. I could go lighter or thicker depending on how i wanted it to be. Its easy to control because you could use your hand to pick up the product.

Overall, great product and a revolution for foundation! I've always hated liquid foundation because its too thick and most of the time it makes my oily skin even more oily by the end of the day but this product mattifies my skin (which is greater than great!)

This is a really good drugstore eyebrow kit! I got the 'medium' one at Target but its too reddish for me so i ordered the 'dark' online. But its a little too dark for me. -It has 2 sections. 1 is waxy and darker the other 1 is lighter and powdery. First i use the wax to fill in my brows and set it with the powder. The powder actually looks light but when you put it in your brows its actually pretty dark. -The cons is the brush which is tiny!! its double ended. 1 side is a fluffier brush and 1 is an angled brush. I use the fluffy brush for the powder and the angled brush for the wax. -Cannot beat the $3 price tag seriously! Ive used this a lot of times and it still has a lot of product. Its great for travelling and great to put in your purse makeup bag because it come with a brush and mirror so great for touch ups. I think that the quality definitely beats high end department store brands!

I love this blush! At $3 it could not get any better!

-I have the candid coral and its the perfect shimmery coral blush. -It has shimmers that's not crazy so you wont be looking like a disco ball after using this but yes the shimmers are pretty apparent so i wouldnt be using this blush for work. -They are nicely pigmented and and also build able. You could go lighter or heavier. -They are on the softer side and so its crumbles a bit. You could probably see the package (which is black so its easy to see) being dusty after several uses. -The package is quite thick and sturdy so im guessing the product wont break if you carry it around (havent done so yet though) -Comes with a small mirror which is nice for touch ups.

I know the one in Candid Coral and Fushia Fussion is available on Target so no need to order it online.

I am sooo getting more colors!

Ugh even for a $1 this product isn't worth it.

-Not pigmented at all. -Dries easily (i think mine dries after 2 weeks being opened) -Kind of stains my eyelids. -Creases on my lids. -The end is not precise and loses it shape after few uses.

Think of a black marker and this is just like it!

FYI, i love ELF's products!

Silent Treatment

I have the one in 'Silent Treatment'. It has a shimmery pink, black with gold shimmers and a shimmery taupe shadows. And this is my favorite one!

-The price is super cheap ($3-4 at CVS or Rite Aid) -They are super pigmented. (A little bit powdery if you use a fluffier brush but works great if you use an eyeshadow sponge) -The colors are blendable (Good if you want to go ligher or darker) -Some people complain about the package breaking, so far it works fine on me although i dont carry this around in my makeup purse. But the package is more on the flimsy side and i can imagine the shadow breaking if you carry it around in your purse because the shadows are more on the softer side. -It comes with 1 sponge applicator and 1 fluffier brush (not double ended) which works great, i use both.

Out of the other palettes in the color icon line, this one would probably be the most neutral.

One of ELF's best product yet! I didnt expect anything at all when i first got this brush. I've been using this for a year now and washed it several times already but it did not shed at all!! They are super soft and they get the job done! I'm getting a backup of this! Also available at Target so you dont have to order it online.

For its $1 price tag i probably shouldn't be complaining. I wanted to love this product as much as i loved the price but this eye primer didn't cut it for me. I have oily lids so when i used this product at noon, by night time my lids feels greasy and my eyeshadow creased at my lids.

Much hyped product with cute packaging

I was really interested in this product when i first saw Michelle Phan using this in her video. For its price (around $4-5 at Walgreens), i wasn't impressed at all. Sure the packaging is cute (but pretty huge) and it smells sooo yummy. But its not moisturizing enough for my dry and chapped lips. If you rarely have dry lips, this balm would probably work great for you. I would still use the product until its finished (as a base before lipstick) but i wouldn't repurchase this product.