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Nikki B.
supper smooth.
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i am in love with how soft and smooth these shadows are. They are nicely pigmented and blend well and for the price you can't go wrong. I found that the lime green in the I Dream of Greenie Trio was a great dupe for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Color in Wasabi.

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Julianne J.
Mid to High End Shadows Disguised As Drugstore!

I can only repeat like a parrot about how these eye shadows are just as good as any eye shadows in a 30 or 50 dollar palette. Growing up I thought Wet n Wild was a cheapie brand, not praised for its quality but good for lipglosses and such. But eye shadows, bronzers and the like? Who do they think they are- Urban Decay or even MAC? Well, I think the drugstore brands have stepped up their game tremendously to compete with other cosmetic companies and have launched very professional lines at a much better cost. I'm a college student who can't afford a lot of top notch products, so when I kept reading rave reviews on these trios, I figured I should give Wet n Wild more credit, and trust that their new, grown up stuff won't let me down!

I decided to start with a "safe" palette, their neutral/natural shadow trio. The "eyelid" shade, the 3rd shade at the bottom is a gorgeous pinky/gold shade, which is super sumptuous when swatched and worn- just a dab on the finger or brush picks up so much product, which is silky and rich and very pigmented. The "crease" shade is a bronzey medium brown, great for crease work. The "brow bone" shade is perfect for inner corner highlighting and brow bone highlighting and is just as rich as the other two. They are all super soft, so watch for fall out, and remember to tap the excess in the tray before applying. While a little fall out is not a problem, it makes me remember that the texture of the product is so high end, and that just a little can go a long way!

The pinky gold shade and bronzey brown shade honestly make me think of Urban Decay eye shadows in their texture, performance and especially pigmentation. The pink/gold lid shade makes me think of Snatch from UD's Show Pony Shadow Box, a shimmery pink with gold glitter flecks, a color now discontinued. Snatch is cooler and more pink, than the more yellow/gold/pink eyelid shade in the trio. The brown in the trio recalls Smog from the Shadow Box but Smog is a little cooler and more metallic. The brow bone shade is a great dupe for any light shimmer highlighting shadow and I like how it is a warm ivory with a gold and pink undertone to compliment the other 2 shades in the trio.

I like how stream-lined the packaging is but they are a little clunky with a somewhat annoying enclosure, and a weird space left over from the place the crappy brushes were stored (this makes for a great fall-out tapping well, though, where you can collect the excess later).

I docked half a star because as pigmented as these shadows are swatched and worn, their mica shimmer might dull some of the color, making the brown crease color a little less defined (at least in this trio). I imagine this could be remedied by applying them wet and doing different shadow looks, like lining the eyes with the crease shade, as well. (My pesky camera phone might partially be to blame, too!)

I created two looks with this trio- one look using the "directions" on the back, which are sometimes helpful, depending on the shadows and how they might compliment each other, (and in this case the directions did work with the shadow colors), and another look creating a natural/neutral smokey eye with a light brown eye pencil as a base. Both looks were really pretty and natural (a look I love). I have maybe 2 or 3 more I wanna get, (even though I probably have the same shades already) and price wise these are a steal. They're about three bucks, so a dollar a shadow, and we're talking really high quality shadows. Not only has Wet n Wild gotten so much better as a brand, their trios have too- I got Spoiled Brat awhile ago (not currently in the data base but I've seen on some Beautie's vids) and I was not the most pleased with the pink shade, although the silver and black were again, almost high end- almost like Kat Von D's True Romance eye shadow palette in Adora.

All in all, go grab some and get wild for these Wet n Wild trios! <3

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Ally M.

AHHH! So cheap & so worth every penny! I highly recommend these eyeshadows if you don't want to spend much money and get good quality color. The shadows are very pigmented and last all day. The palette that is my favorite is "THE GILDED AGE." Go buy it if you haven't already! The eyelid color is beautiful and would look good on any skin tone.

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Stacy N.
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Ooh, I love this trio! I am wearing the I'm Getting Sunburned one and the colors are very pigmented and beautiful! I am in love with the dark brown crease color of it! You can create all different types of smokey eyes with that color! That gold color is very bold! Great little palette for the money!

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Carelen C.
AAAAnd I'm officially obsessed

I have been hearing one of my favorite youtube guru EmilyNoel83 talk about these forever and I was always so skeptical, but I wanted a couple new eye shadows for cheap. This trio, which cost me less than $3 at Walmart, is one of the best I have ever used!! I'm hooked.

I have the trio "I'm getting sunburned" and I could not be happier. The shadows are very soft and plush with surprisingly little fallout (at least that I noticed). The crease color in this trio looks in the pan like a sparkly brownish purple, but it applies much darker than it would seem! If I bought the trio just for that shade, I would have been disappointed, but I like it.

I took off half a star because the crease shade can be a little bit difficult to blend, but that is because it is so highly pigmented! That's the only bad thing I could think of, so that should tell you something. Completely worth it, try it and you will be just as surprised as I was!

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Ashley L.

I have 3 of the trios: Dancing in the Clouds, Silent Treatment, and I'm Getting Sunburned. Currently, my favorite is Silent Treatment, and it is my go to when I don't know what to wear. I also love the brown in I'm Getting Sunburned as an all over lid color for when I want a dark sexy look. I was disappointed by the purple color in Dancing in the Clouds though. It is difficult for me to get good color payoff with that color, although, I know some people have had more luck. Overall, they are highly pigmented, and all of the trios have gorgeous colors.

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Jessica D.

Got my hands on all of them except "im feeling retro. The pigmentation is amazing and you cant beat the price. I got most of mine from rite aid. Make sure you go to where they put out the new displays of makeup not in the actual WNW section they should be there.

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Katherine C.
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I absolutely love this eyeshadow trio! It is so pigmented and smooth to apply as well as easy to blend. I also use the walking on eggshell trio as a highlight! You really can't go wrong with this product, it's great quality as well as inexpensive!

Rachelle-Denise  M.
The 3 Musketeers !!!

A lot of people knock "Wet N Wild" because it's one of the most cheapest drugstore brands but in all honesty, it gives me just as much, if not more satisfaction as high price brands. I love this particular color palette because it gives me a very soft and romantic eye. I have had this product for quite some time, meaning that it lasts. It's also great for when I am in a rush or I don't have the patience to create my own unique eye. Loves it.

Devon M.

Amazing!! I use this almost everyday and it lasts all day long. I would definitely buy this again. I've also had it for a while and I haven't run out. All of their trios are great as well.