Dream Mousse Blush

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Sojourner W.
I'm Obsessed With Mousse Products!!!

I just did a review on the Dream Matte Mousse Foundation, but now I'm on to the blush because the blushes started it all! I bought these while they were on sale for $4 at Walgreens and the two I bought were Peach Satin and Coffee Cake. I had never really tried peachy blushes before so I was super excited...I am obsessed now! Peach Satin has an amazing texture and can also serve as a highlight (for darker skin tones in my opinion). It's very light weight and very shimmery so if you don't like shimmery blushes, then I don't reccommend this. For me however it gives a gorgeous glow that just glistens in the sun. I own Coffee Cake as well and that is a gorgeous, glowy brown shade that is perfect for WOC as a blush and highlight who are my skin tone or even darker. If you are a fairer skin tone then it could serve as a contour or bronzer maybe. Overall I love the glide on, smooth texture and I'm so glad I picked these up!


- Price - Availability - Texture - Blendable


- Shimmery - Sheer (if not applied correctly)

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Whitney H.

This blush is amazing. I use it on the apples of my cheeks and it gives me a really beautiful flush. It can also be used as a highlighter as well.

Kait C.

Since I have dry skin I tend to stick to 'cream' blushes. I love this blush! I have It in Peach Satin, and Rose Petal. I love the packaging, it's just like the MAC Paint Pot packaging! It also has great texture, and gives a gorgeous flush to the cheeks.

Kennedy A.
In love.

I love this blush. I usually apply it with my fingers but you can use a brush as well. It gave the most amazing natural glow to the cheeks with a pop of color perfect for summer time. It made my cheeks feel extremly soft and the color was buildable and easy to blend. Not a flaw in site.

Arabelle S.

This is one of my favorite blushes, probably because I'm not a blush person and if I use it, I want it to be very natural and subtle and this is it. If you're just getting into makeup this is a good purchase because it's easy to blend and use whereas a cream blush or powder blush you need a brush to apply and how to use it. This is simple to use and natural looking on my fair skin.

Tania c.

This is my 2nd one and i also have a backup (just in case you know). Ive only tried the peach satin so i can only comment based on that one.

-Its a nice and light coral thats not too orangey. -It has a lot of shimmers so dont be surprised! I think its great for daytime and during summer. It brightens up your face instantly. When i dont get enough sleep i would just dab this product and i look instantly alive! -The cons is that i hate using my fingers to apply this blush, it would get stuck underneath my nails. When i use my brush it picked up too much product so im stuck with using my fingers. -Its also not that pigmented and not very build able so if you usually go heavier on blush, the peach satin wont do it for you. -The package is pretty huge so not great to put in my purse. Hard to touch up too.

Grace S.
Love it!

It's great when you use it sparingly but if you get a bit too much then you look like a little doll! It's great as a base for powder or alone. I'll definitely rebuy when I run out! :)

Libby S.
Great for day

I wear this blush every day! First, it's light weight. Second, its easy to control the amount of color. Third, it feels lovely! So creamy and moist!! For evenings I normally layer a powder blush over this to make it more visible and set the blush. But if you're looking for an inexpensive, pretty, day-time blush, this would be a good choice

Anna C.
Pretty good

I like the feel of it, and it blends super easily. I also love the color, and i actually like the sparkles (I dont think there are too much in this shade). But i've had it since about July, and its already drying out, just like the Mousse concealer did. I dont think i'd repurchase it, but its great to try.

Emily V.

Since they're discontinued it's not something id go on the hunt for and search everywhere for. Not that great. They replaced these with the Dream Bouncy Blushes so if you really wanted something like these go with that. Once i blend it in it just sort of fades.