Studio Eyebrow Kit


Elisa E.
This replaced my ABH Dipbrow💖💖💖
Photo of product included with review by Elisa E.

I am in love w/this little thing! The ELF eyebrow kit is a pan of tinted eyebrow gel, a pan of light brown powder (Which I use to gradient the beginning of my brows+as a blending transition color.) A tiny dual-sided brush(Which went right into the trash upon opening, so I can't speak on it's usability.) And a decently sized mirror, all housed in chic sleek black Nars like packaging. For $3USD, yeah I'm impressed.

ELF eyebrow kit VS. ABH Dipbrow: The ELF brow kit in Dark and ABH Dipbrow in Ebony are slightly different from one another in the packaging but a perfect match applied. The ELF brow kit gel has a much thinner consistency than the ABH dipbrow, it is still however pigmented and doesn't take much to build up. I found ABH to be so thick+pigmented that it needs to be applied in the smallest of small amounts, because one wrong move and it can end in disaster 😄. I can do my full brow routine w/this product alone. If I want to clean up my lines+add more definition/color to the ends of my brows I go in w/dipbrow. It does not fade or wear off, my longest wear time being 19-22 hrs. HG product for me 😊Backups of standby. BELOW PIC: ELF brow kit in Dark gel applied over MOM as a primer,powder pan used to gradient beginning of brows, set w/Salon perfect clear brow gel.

Alexandra M.
Best brows for your buck

For $3 you can't really beat this brow kit. It works better than most I've tried. I think it is basically equal in quality to Benefit Brow Zing which is obviously pricier!

I have sparse, semi-light brows and this is perfect for giving them a bit of oomph. Very buildable if you want a more dramatic look.

Karen L.

This is my all time favorite!! Inexpensive,small,and perfect size does not take up too much room. Love that there is many shades for all different times. I bought mine more than 3 months ago & I have not hit the pan yet

Autumn Hope F.
Great for a natural look :)

I love this product, it's great for a natural brow look. Definitely not for dramatic brows, though! Amazing deal, as well. Also, this is a perfect dupe for Benefit's brow kit, plus it's cruelty free.

Antonia S.
A Bit Iffy

This was first brow product that I purchased over a year ago. I used to swear by it and recommend it to all my friends who were just getting into serious brow upkeep. Lately, it seems like the wax doesn't last at all. I always used it to trace the underline of my brows but it just seems to be very smudgy and smear-y. I still use the powder. About to upgrade from this product to MAC Fluidline in Dipdown.

Savannah Z.
Good product, great price

I bought this on a shopping trip to my local target. I love a nice full brow and this little thing does the trick. I love that it is gel and powder. It creates and sets a great brow.

Kim M.
great product

I Bought the light shade from my local dollar store. the product comes with a wax and powder and a little duel ended applicator.the wax darkens the brows and the powder sets it. I love it. lasts all day

HakaGlamz M.

I've only tried mine once lol after hearing good things I decided to purchase this brow kit. Its ok i guess, i agree with some of the other reviews that the powder is a bit chalky and there's something up with the wax. Maybe i've gotten to use to a brow pencil? Not a bad product, I would say it's probably not for me. Give it a go, each to their own.

Emily M.
Best I've tried!

I have dark brown brows, and finding the perfect shade for them was hard! I used to use an eyeshadow, which was discontinued and I was quickly running out. I had already tried multiple eyepencils/shades and none of them worked (Maybelline, Anastasia, Too Face, NYX..). I saw this for $3, and thought why not! I LOVE it! Lasts all day, comes with a perfect little brush, color pigment is awesome. The wax and powder work phenomenally together! Would recommend!

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Julianne J.
Might be doing this wrong?

In the past few months I've been paying attention to brows and trying out a ton of products. I checked the reviews on here and this product tested positive. Plus the packaging is cute- although smaller than I thought, and its cheap! But, this didn't do much for me the few times I tried it out. The gel seemed clear, barely tinted on my brows, and the powder was so chalky and non pigmented. In flash photography I could see it tinting my brows, but applying it felt like nothing was going on. Its too cute and cheap not to use, so I'll probably fiddle around with it in my free time, combining it with other fave brow products.

My fave brow combos are using shadows from the Lorac Pro and theBalm's 'Nude 'Tude e.s. palettes to create thick, ombree brows, and using my Ardel brow sculpting gel and Sorme eye brow pencil together. Those combos work great for me, so its not a biggie this didn't work. There's a definite possibility I will like it later, but it didn't amaze me initially!