Waterproof Eyeliner Pen


LexeyAmber B.
My love

I absolutely love this eyeliner, I use it to coat my regular eyeliner to seal it and bring out its bold color, it lasts all day for me and I never have to touch up! Absolutely impressed with such a cheap eyeliner! <3

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Sandra G.
best $1 ever spent!

i bought this eyeliner just because i wanted to try a waterproof liquid liner to change it up from gel liner and was very surprised! the first one i bought did dry up quick but for only a buck? i had to buy more! it doesnt smear and the precision is excellent. also, it does stay on all day. been using it ever since.

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Holly M.
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it so much I tried to find a eyeliner that helps me put my eyeliner an correctly and it works. Its really good it gives good color payoff but it smudges a little if your eyes are watery (like mine) but its really good. YAY!!

Fancie B.
Awesome liner!

If you're still in beginner stage with liquid eyeliner then this is definitely the liner for you! It's super dark, costs only $1 and features a felt tip applicator that almost lines your eyes for you! I do pretty well with other liquid liners but I always create the perfect lines (thick or thin) every time! The only downside sis that these tend to dry out quickly if you don't make sure the lid is snapped all the way down but no biggie for a Buck!

Jocelyne R.
I don't care what anyone says

My life would SUCK without this stuff! I work really early morning shifts and tend to be in a bit of a rush every day, and I can give myself the perfect cat eye quickly. My first one dried out quick because I used it a lot and would put it on AFTER eyeshadow. But my second one has been going for quick some time. I love this stuff, and other pens are SO expensive. I'm glad I can still look good and not have to be bones broke!

Gabriela B.
Great Product

I wasn't sure if to get this product since I'm no pro on the liquid eyeliners. But this product rocked my world. I love it! Great pigmentation, stays on for a long time, very easy to use. Overall great product and only $1 ... HELLO!!!

Shelbi V.
Makes life easier!

So when i bought this i was kinda scephtic..But when i tried it i fell in love. It makes doing cat eyes so easy! The lid can be kinda tricky somtimes cause it doesnt close all the way but for a dollar this is a wonderful product i will deffently be repurchasing :]

Maura Z.

I love this liner! I actually wanted the Nyx Skinny Eye Marker, but this is very similar and was cheaper so I picked it up. It is easy to use, applies smoothly, and gives the nice thick line. Its not messy and the line is pretty straight. I also love how its only a dollar. I like to layer my liner so its darker,so I use my liquid black on top of this!

Morgan R.

okay yes it does un-feather after a while but who cares. It has great control and amazing for beginners (me). It has amazing pigmentation. I love it and its a dollar go get it plz.

Corinne M.
Easy to use :D

I'm impressed with this eyeliner. I use liquid liner with a brush (bent paint brush- thanks Kandee) when I'm going out, but this product is great because it's so quick and easy, an everyday sort of product.

So it'd be perfect for those who struggle with eye liner! You need to note it doesn't cope well over a lot of eyeshadow :)

I will definitely buy another!