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Stop the Palette Madness!

UD always comes out with these limited edition palette and its enough already. How many midnight cowboys do you need? You pay $55 for 1 exotic shade and my thought is just go to MAC and buy the single shade for 17 bucks. You get much more than the sliver of color in the UD palettes and you save a ton of money. Makes more sense to me.


I find that many people avoid this product because they don't know how to use it. Its great product to brighten up the under eye by illuminating the eye area and reflecting the light. But it can also be used on the brow bone, on the high plains of the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose, on the cupid's bow. Any place you want to illuminate and add soft focus.

Oldy but Goodie

I sometimes forget about this fragance amist the other newer scents but this is a very good scent. I enjoy it most in the winter months as it is a bit sultry. It has an amazing longevity which is hard to find in a lot of scents out today. Spray this one on in the morning and its still with you by the end of the day.

Sweet and Playful Scent

I love this scent for when I'm feeling young a flirty. It's soft and sweet and mixes well with most body chemistries. Because I have a wardrob of perfume this product has lasted me quite some time...3 years I believe. I would pass on the lotion though...doesn't smell like the perfume.

Save your money!

Model in a bottle was always good and even before that setting spray Hair spray always worked well at my runways shows. Do yourself a favor and save the $30 something bucks. Buy some hair holding spray...that's all this is.

Love Love Love it!

Started with Urban Decay primer potion but hated the could never get all of the product out. Switched to this product about 2 years ago and never went back to UD. Even as UD tried to change the packaging to match Too Faced they failed to change their price to Too Faced still wins hands down.

Wake up America!

Please don't get me started on the many reasons why I hate this...can I dare call this loose powder a foundation? First off it give no coverage and most people who love it because its "natural" (lol) have problem skin such as acne, roseca, etc. and need a little more coverage. It does not photograph well. It's messy. It's not portable. It began via infomecrials...not many quality products are marketed this way. I really believe the owner laughs every morning while counting her money at the fact that mass american women are still buying it despit the fact that not 1 MUA has ever recommended its use...should tell you something.

Colored girls beware

This product photographes mighty chalky on deeper skintones. It also comes up chalky on some skintones without setting a flash off in their face. Lighter skintones love it though and the color payoff is good.

Long time favorite

Fell in love with this many years ago when the price of Dior show was rediculious and Badgal was somthing like 16 or 18 bucks. I must admit I have sinced fell in love with their "They're Real" mascara...excellent buildable coverage.

Great for anyone who likes fresh scents

I've worn and loved this fragrance since it first launched many years ago. It has such a fresh and clean long lasting aroma. Long lasting being a very important quality. Fragrance is subjective but I suggest any/everyone to take a wiff and see if you too fall in love with it.

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