Vera Wang



Lara R.

Long lasting sweet scent! Every time I usead it I got compliments and some friends even bought it because of me. Is a very sweet scent, maybe too much if you are not so into flower scents. The bottle last me a couple of years using it regularly because you didn´t need a lot of it to smell great

Emily W.
Nice blend of floral and fruity.

I don't usually wear perfume, but when I do I prefer scents that are more fruit-based than floral. My fiance bought this one for me for Christmas a few years ago and I really enjoy it! The smell is feminine without being cloyingly sweet. The bottle is adorable, and I have actually worn the toppers as rings. My only gripe is that the scent doesn't last very long once applied.

Layelle E.

This has been my preferred fragrance since I bought it for my best friend about 3 years ago!! Absolutely love it!! And the bottle is cute ;) lasts long and I bought mine with the roll on stick so I can carry it around with me

Madison F.

the smell of this perfume is amazing!!! I got a sample in the mail and the next day went and bought some. and I feel it's really long lasting through out the day. two thumbs up for me :)

Robin H.
Ahhhhh!!! :)

It smells soo goooood!!It is a very sweet scent,but it isn't overpowering.This was actually the first actual Purfume I ever got,(when I was like 5 or 6)and I still wear it all the time.(obviously a new bottle.)Also,the bottle is soo cute!!So worth the Money!

Rebecca C.
Real good :)

Got this in Christmas 2012 as a present and I opened it sprayed it once to sample it and instantly fell in love with it! Doesn't have that long wearing smell tho! :(

Shannon E.
My all time fave!

my all time fave perfume I absolutely love this fragrance! I have been wearing it for about 4-5 years now and wouldn't change it for the world! Everywhere I go and whoever I meet admires my scent from this fragrance and questions what it is. It is a must buy! try for yourselves you will be more than impressed! xx

Kadria H.
In love with it :)

The scent is very clean with a hint of musk. It smells like magic. I honestly feel like a princess when I use it! A really good quality that this perfume has that the scent lasts for a long time. One spray can last for a long time which is really good because you don't have to waste the perfume by spraying it many times throughout the day.

This perfume is worth it, so go out and purchase it ladies! :)

Melissa S.
My Signature Scent

I love this perfume, it is my all time fav and I plan on wearing this for as long as I live. The packaging is so adorable, and you can even wear a piece of it as a ring! Haha! The smell is sweet and flirty, which I adore. I always get complements on how pretty I smell. Definitely my favorite perfume that I have! And I have a lot!!

Hayley E.
It was...nice

I was really excited to buy this last year but once I had it I was over it. It's nice but but not memorable and I feel like that's what we are all looking for in a scent. Purchased a year ago and still have over half a bottle remaining (not a good thing). The bottle is beautiful and the perfume is a light floral scent, it smells better after its had a chance to settle into your skin so don't judge it to quickly.