Photo Op Under Eye Brightener

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Cameron R.
Great Product!

I agree with Angel! I don't think many people understand that this product was made for brightening, not concealing. I don't apply this after I conceal, or even before. I mix this with my concealer and apply and together it provides great coverage and a more natural finish. I use it everyday.

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Angel M.

I find that many people avoid this product because they don't know how to use it. Its great product to brighten up the under eye by illuminating the eye area and reflecting the light. But it can also be used on the brow bone, on the high plains of the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose, on the cupid's bow. Any place you want to illuminate and add soft focus.

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Andrea F.
I love this product!

This product is not for completely covering your dark under eye circles. This is a brightener and a highlighter. Put this over your concealer or correctors for a boost. I love this mostly for highlighting the face, though. It is SO GOOD for applying to the cheek bones, down the nose, forehead, cupid's bow and chin. The product doesn't have shimmers or glitters.. its very natural and just gives this nice, natural dewiness. Natural enough to use all over the face. But just amazing for highlighting.

Katharina W.

this product really brightens up every spot you put it on, but it's sooo liquidy =S and it's very easy to get to much on and then it's hard to blend it in without smudging what's underneath, but when you know how much you hvae to take it's a great product!

Naomii Carol H.

This has never provided perfect under-eye coverage for me but I do wear this if I'm only going out somewhere close to home for a little while with my simple make-up. Obviously it depends on how dark the area underneath your eyes is. I personally get blueness under my eyes sometimes and I would use a cream concealer to help with that rather than this. I do still like the product though. It just gives better results for different people. Definitely not pigmented enough for me. Bear in mind this isn't a concealer, it's a brightener.

Angelica P.

With this brightener you can definitley see the difference, I like to use when I'm wearing dark eyeshow because then you see a bigger difference. Its very shimmery at first when you first apply it then it blends after it dries. If you like to look more natural than glowy this is the right product to use.

Amanda K.

its brightening but i think thats just because its kinda glimmery and gold.. its alright, especially first thing in the am, but i find its more of a tinted moisturizer for the eye area. pretty though.

Shannyn C.
Decent brightener.

I've worn this under my eyes UNDER my foundation (I rarely wear concealer) & it brightened my under eye area slightly. Some people mistaken this for a concealer & that's NOT what it is. You use it in conjunction w/ your foundation/concealer. I prefer it for highlighting my tear duct.

Lauren M.

Possibly not meant for people with darker skin tones? Not one of my favorites. It doesn't last! The brightness seems to fade after a hour or so. I've used it under my eyes & on the bridge of my nose. But you can't tell by the end of the day. Also it seems to crease under my eyes.

Shelley W.
I Use it Another Way

I actually use this on the lid when I want my eyes to pop without using eyeshadow. I tried using it under the eyes as its original use and it did nothing for me but on the lids it gives me a nice little glow.