Calvin Klein



Jamyra P.

Love love love it....this fragrance is perfect for a special day out.its a soft scent of amazingness ..and its great for all ages .it comes in a beautiful bottle.its great for gifts and we all know mothers day is coming up and this would be a great gift.

Elisa N.
Want to be taken serious? Get this!

OMG this perfume is very mature, very sophisticated.. YET is so young! If i could imagine someone wearing this.. it would be a young european business woman! (but of course you dont have to be one lol) It's very alluring and delightful. i tend to wear it on school days or work days the most.

Hasini J.

Wow is all i can say about this perfume. It is the exact perfume that a woman of the age of 30 would want. However it's so adaptable that me : as a teenager, and my mum: as a 50 year old woman, can still enjoy this perfume. It's sweet and flirty enough to be young enough for me, and yet sensual and classy enough to suffice for my mother. It's a very distinct and one of a kind smell. Very incredible scent.

Katy B.
A truly classic & luxurious scent!

I absolutely adore this fragrance! It is definitely a sexy, sophisticated scent. I think it would be great for a wide range of women and lovely for all year round, for the right occasions, of course. Most definitely one of my all time favorite fragrances.

Lisa P.

I love this fragrance! I was given a small tester bottle by my mom because she didnt like it... i can honestly say this is one of my all time favorite scents! I have spent countless amounts of money on it and will do in the future! Its good for the entire day with just one application, and is great if youre going for a mystical smell!

Paula B.

Top 2 on my list!!! I loved this one too, one day I went shopping and as I was walking by, someone had sprayed it, I feel in love with the smell and had to get it for my collection of perfumes!!! Definetely sexy and sensual! My guy friends love it! Your boyfriends will love the smell on you, and it will make you feel so secure when you walk by! ;)

Candice D.
Grown & Sexy

This is scent packs a punch (in a good way), a little goes a long way. You have to be secure and confident in order to wear this scent and pull it off correctly! Love it, Love it, Love it!!! It's more of a evening scent, but in the winter it could be worn in the day. It's a very sexy & seductive scent.

Hunny V.

I love all of the notes in this perfume. It's smells super sexy, it's more of a night perfume. I get a lot of comments when I have it on and it gives me confidents.

btw s.
Mature, sophisticated, sensual.

A go to fragrance when I'm rushing out of the door, never fails to kick-ass when spritzed on a silky scarf. The bottle is gorgeous, and so is the colour of the scent! Sensuous and alluring...knock em dead ladies!

Angel M.
Oldy but Goodie

I sometimes forget about this fragance amist the other newer scents but this is a very good scent. I enjoy it most in the winter months as it is a bit sultry. It has an amazing longevity which is hard to find in a lot of scents out today. Spray this one on in the morning and its still with you by the end of the day.