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Aug 08, 2012

Bria K.

Loved your video on advice for aspiring makeup artists

Quick Question:

I saw you comment on an advice post on whether it's worth it to go to school for makeup artistry and I read your response about what to consider when looking for schools, would a school that provides internships be a school worth considering? I was thinking about once I obtain my AA degree to give Cosmetology school a shot and I was googling schools in the SF bay area and stumbled upon one in San Jose Ca that upon completion has internships to shows like AMC's The walking dead and other Hollywood productions. Would that be a school worth considering? I have another year left at Community College so I was planning on saving for tuition and a makeup kit now. 

Dec 04, 2011

Angel M.

Hey LeeAnn, all schools are worth considering. What gets me is the mention to "upon completion". This is a tough call because with a cosmetology LICENSE you can pretty much apply for an internship with any're a professional once you get the license. The questions to ask are: is this guaranteed placement? How many slot are available? Does one person out of 500 get selected? What is the likelyhood of being selected. I think I would want to know their graduation success rate. How many of their graduates go on to lucreative careers. How many of their graduates work in film and television (if that's the path you want to go in). While being able to get credits in big tv productions right out of school is great I would wonder how likely it is.

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Nov 23, 2011

Derin A.

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Nov 18, 2011

Rena c.

I didn't know this site existed until i saw your video! great site for artist wanting to show their talent, I am a MUA in my beginning stages and you are great inspiration. keep up the fantastic work!  

Nov 18, 2011

Angel M.

Welcome aboard the beauty bus!!! When I first started on this site I went crazy reviewing various products. Warning...this site can be addictive!

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Angel M.

Location: NYC, ATL, MIA...East Coast Based

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About Me

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Dark
Undertone: Cool
Skin Type: Oily
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Coarse
Birthday: July 01
Age: 41


How many years have you been working in makeup?
I would say 12 years professionally, but I also hate to discount the 20 years I spent applying make up to family and friends.

Where did you receive your artist training?
I was formally trained at the Lia Schoor Institute of Cosmetic Skincare Training, but the training didn't begin or end there. Every day, to me, holds the potential to learn something new. Whether its brand training with MAC, Dior, Cargo, or learning from a fellow artist, learning from my mistakes, or even learning from a client. Every day I welcome the opportunity to learn something new and innovative.

What is your most important tool?
I rely a great deal on what I see, how I see it, from what angle, from what distance I'm viewing it. Therefore, I would say my most important tool is my eyes...and a few mirrors.

What is your view on the art of makeup?
Make up is never right or wrong, it's never less or more, and it's never the same from one woman to the next. Make up is an attitude, it invokes a feeling in everyone, whether they care to admit it or not. My goal in makeup artistry is not to represent the outward appearance of the person, but their inward significance.

What is your favorite makeup technique?
I love shaping the eyebrows. I'm always amazed as to how a slightly different brow shape can change a persons appearance completely.

What are some of your favorite cosmetic products?
I could be here all day naming products and tomorrow I'll still feel remorse for leaving something I deem truly amazing out. Drop me in a Sephora, a MAC, or an Ulta and I'm truly like a kid in a candy store. In my opinion, every cosmetic line offers something that shouldn't be passed up...and I love them all!

What is your favorite facial feature to make-up?:
Eyes...after all, they are the windows to our soul.

Who is your most admired makeup artists?
Kevyn Aucion for his unmatched talent. Nik & Sam for their fun creativity. Max Factor for his innovation. Helena Rubinstein for her drive and determination. Sam Fine for his humble approach to make up.

What inspired you to become a makeup artist?
After deciding three years into my college degree that I didn't want to be a school teacher and feeling lost as to what I should do with my life everyone close to me told me I should consider a career in makeup artistry. I like to think I never chose this career, it kind of chose me.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a makeup artist?
Know who you are, know what you have to offer and let your passion radiate through your brush!

Who is your most respected designer/s?
Dolce & Gabanna...I know, I’m commercial.

What would you say in closing?
The same thing I always say: The power of makeup can never be underestimated. It has the power to not only enhance but to also transform. By the mere act of applying these pots of color and pencils and tubes of liquids, creams, and powders, we take pride in ourselves and feel good. Beyond the actual physical benefits of these products, exists the powerful emotional impact and association we have with certain colors and fragrances. As a makeup artist, I am at the forefront of not just enhancing my client’s beauty but helping them feel good about themselves.