Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue


Sherry H.
Crisp Citrus

My favorite go-to scent. Simple & clean. Versatile. It is not overpowering yet lingers. It is also perfect for any occasional, day or night.

Souzane M.
I love the smell

I used this perfume for 5 years but i decided to stop using it because i couldnt smell the same smell because I was so use to it but the smell remind me of the ocean, the smell also grabs attention from people which is great if you are trying to meet some new people :))) get it guys no regreats

Samantha S.
Love Love Love!

Light Blue is another one of my top 5 favorites! The scent is beautiful and isn't too harsh. I am on my third bottle and I love it a little more every time I use it! I always get compliments when I wear it. It's good for a night out or even during the day.

Guadalupe P.

It's very clean, fresh, and simple. I love it cause it is not that busy or limiting.

Claire  G.

I got this as a birthday present- and I am delighted. It smells of after running through a field of daisies- refreshing and a tinge of sweetness. however the scent does not last very long- about 4 hours at most- and that is my only negative feedback

Ale O.
So worth it

I really like this perfume i feel fancy wen i weAr it its a scent thats really noticeable its strong at first but after its a fresh scent and with two pumps ur good to go i really like it

Faye marian O.

got this as a christmas present from my bf. i love the scent it's light and refreshing :-) it's scent is nothing complicated and once you smell it you're gna like it. what i noticed is the light blue velvety box that comes with it. super chic. i just had to figure out how to open the bottle though. the cover snaps so don't force to pull it.

Michelle C.
Not for me

Got this as a Christmas gift and enjoyed how it smelled in the bottle. However it nauseated me once it settled in with my body chemistry. It had an overpowering lemony-apple scent on me. Not my cup of tea.

Janelle L.

love this scent, and it lasts all day :) one of the longest last scents I have besides D&G The One. I highly recommend this scent for if you are looking for a gift for your significant other !!

Makica M.

I absolutely love the scent. It is somehow unique and refreshing. You can wear it every day, even by night. This parfume is especially for those people who are open-minded and positive. Don't hesitate at all...