Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue


Jess J.

Let me explain simply how much I love this perfume...I told my best friend, at the time, that God forbid if I ever pass away, make sure they spray D&G Light Blue on my corpse prior to the funeral...when I meet my maker, I want to smell utterly divine :)

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Nadjia H.
Male Magnet Perfume

This perfume is absolutely amazing! It has a fresh and clean, citrusy smell that cannot be described. I have never smelled anything like it. It lasts all day...and even you can smell it on yourself the whole time. I don't like perfumes that fade quickly or which I can't notice on myself anymore...this definitely is worth the price. I have never worn this scent without getting a million compliments. On days I wore sweat pants,sweat shirt, no makeup, hair in a ponytail...I still had guys approach me and compliment on how good I smell. So if you are looking for a perfume that will catch everyones attention...definitely get this!

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Katy B.

I have never been so enthralled by a scent before. This perfume is by far my favorite fragrance that I own. It is nothing like any of the other scents in my collection. It's a lovely fresh, invigorating scent and very unique. I can't see myself being without this perfume ever again!

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Marian C.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is that classic perfume to wear on ANY occasion, it has a fragrance that isnt overpowering but when you walk past someone they definitely notice. This is my FAVORITE perfume and I would recommend ANY woman add it to their collection.

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Jamie R.
My signature scent.

I've been wearing this scent for the past 5 years. Of course I have other scents I apply, but whenever I wear Light Blue, I get tons of compliments. The scent is really light, crisp, and lasts a really long time. Every woman should have this in their collection of perfumes!

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Nancy-Lee C.
Could be improved.

The best thing going for this cream is the scent. It smells EXACTLY like the perfume, which i not always the case. I use it on my arms exclusively because @ $48 for only 6 1/2oz A) it's too expensive to 'waste' - you're not going to smell my legs in jeans, right?! and B) it doesn't moisturize.

I like the tube, you can get every drop out but you need to know, this is not a thick 'cream' it a thin lotion and my hands stay a little sticky until it completely dries, which takes a few minutes.

The only reason that I deal with it, is because I receive a set every Christmas with the perfume and lotion. I wouldn't purchase this on it's own unless I couldn't wear perfume spray. My skin doesn't feel moisturized at all. I only wear it because it enhances the perfume and aids the fragrance in proper dry-down so all of the notes can be enjoyed the way they were intended.

I wish this was a true thick shea butter cream. haha! They should seriously change the name to lotion. Judge for yourself but I think it fails to deliver.

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Sherry H.
Crisp Citrus

My favorite go-to scent. Simple & clean. Versatile. It is not overpowering yet lingers. It is also perfect for any occasional, day or night.

Souzane M.
I love the smell

I used this perfume for 5 years but i decided to stop using it because i couldnt smell the same smell because I was so use to it but the smell remind me of the ocean, the smell also grabs attention from people which is great if you are trying to meet some new people :))) get it guys no regreats

Guadalupe P.

It's very clean, fresh, and simple. I love it cause it is not that busy or limiting.

Ale O.
So worth it

I really like this perfume i feel fancy wen i weAr it its a scent thats really noticeable its strong at first but after its a fresh scent and with two pumps ur good to go i really like it