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bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation


Maddison F.
Photo of product included with review by Maddison F.

I have been using baremineral products for a little over a year. this foundation by far is my favorite. gives nice coverage and a flawless look! one con is the container it's in. sometimes it gets a little messy but maybe I'm doing something wrong. but either way I LOVE this foundation❤️❤️

Siobhan  D.
Mixed feelings

This stuff is really beautiful when fresh on your face but, if you have oily/combination skin I find it doesn't really last long without going patchy and starts shifting on your face - ESPECIALLY if used with their PrimeTime Primer. On the bright side, works nicely setting liquid foundations!

Lauren C.

This foundation is perfect for my skin. I have sensitive skin and tend to break out very easily. This foundation lets your skin breathe, and looks so natural. This has buildable coverage. You can always add more for more coverage. I also feel it does not need touch ups throughout the day.

Chelsey C.

I have been using this foundation since I was 15 (when I first started wearing makeup) I have had pretty severe acne since i was about 12 and still have it in my early 20's and this is the best product I have ever tried. It covers nearly all my flaws without clogging my pores and making my skin even worse like all the liquid foundation does. This is the only product that can give me such great coverage besides liquid. Even though it says you can sleep in it I don't but it's the only thing that doesn't make my skin breakout and still makes me feel confident I think it's worth the price though I can't usually afford it, when I can, I buy it and always will

Madison H.

Perfect for all skin tones it is really hard to make this makeup look cakey on your skin! You just have to keep buffing and buffing with a kabuki brush! It leaves a matte finish and stays on all day but can rub off on the tip of your nose if you apply to much! It is a concealer and a foundation in one you just have to switch brushes, use a concealing brush and a foundation brush

Nata M.

I love this foundation soooooo much it keeps my oily skin under control . its my perfect shade and great coverage. my only dislike is that I have to build up the coverage and I'm lazy but other than that its perfect

Molly G.
Best foundation I own!

I was using the pressed powder in the same shade and I have found that the pressed powder works really well in the winter when my skin is dry. I have combination skin and now that my skin is getting more oily due to the summer I have found the pressed powder looks terrible on me. It looks cakey and like I am wearing too much makeup when I barely have any on. So I started using the loose powder and I have found that the loose powder is great for oily to combination skin and the pressed powder is best for dry skin.

Bottom line of this post is that you have GOT to try the foundation (any/all of their products really-specifically their new lipsticks)! The foundation looks completely natural. I look like I am not wearing any makeup at all especially when all I add to the look is some mascara. I bought the foundation as part of their main kit and it was one of the best choices I have made. I highly recommend heading to your nearest Bare MInerals counter and giving it a try!

Alicia H.
Hello Clear Skin!

I feel like this is my own secret weapon. Through my adolescence I had awful skin. Acne so bad it hurt. Before the BE blowup, my sister had taken me to a small apothecary shop in Berkeley CA to try this "new powder" she heard about. I was matched at that time as "Fair" and was shown how to "swirl, tap and buff". Looking back it seemed like my skin changed overnight.

Fast forward to years later and I still use this as my secret weapon to good skin with medium coverage. Because of the Titanium Dioxide and Mica, I don't use it on my clients as a makeup artist, so it feel like it's my secret weapon that I keep to myself. I honestly think this is the best thing to happen to every day makeup.

*Secret tip - if your pores seem larger (because the makeup sits on top of your skin), try using the Beauty Blender with it. It makes the makeup appear as smooth as can be with a nice glow.

Alyssa F.
Best Mineral Foundation Ever!

I have spent years trying to find that right mineral that doesn't make my skin flaky and plus since I have fair skin couldn't get the right shade. Some were too pale or too tan, plus very drying. This is the best! No clogging pores! No irritation! No flaking! I have been using Bare Minerals for 7 years now.

Nicole O.
This products delivers on its promises!

I have been using Bare Mineral Foundation for at least seven years and am reluctant to ever try anything else because this product works for me! I have used many different foundations over the years but have yet to find any to match the flawless look I get from BareMinerals Foundation. I'd heard that not only would this product make you look like your skin was healthy but it actually made mines clearer by clearing mine of blemishes and acne as promised. Whaaaaaaaaat!!! I couldn't believe a claim made by a manufacturer that was actually true. Bare Minerals has me for life!