Urban Decay

15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection


Heidi C.
What a steal.

I knew automatically upon seeing the tiny pixelated picture of this palette that I: 1. had to have it and 2. would be incredibly spoiled by it. I am not disappointed. Pros: highly pigmented, a ton of shadow in each pain, tons of colors, great deal, amazing variety of colors, shadows grab onto brush well Cons: a decent amount of shimmer fallout, may get too much shadow on brush at a time (so be careful!), very few matte shades (I think the black is matte?)

Perfect for experimenting with bold, vivid pigmented color looks AND different smoky eyes even if you're just starting out. Oh and the black shadow alone (which UD pretty much has in every palette) is essential. You can do a lot of wonders with the 15 Year Anniversary Palette.

Michelle C.
Must Have Palette

As soon as I saw photos of this palette, I knew I had to try it! & I was not one bit disappointed: -All the colours & neutrals are versatile and highly pigmented -The texture of these shadows is amazing -If you love shimmer finish, this is the UD palette for you -The packaging is really pretty and perfectly embodies the Urban Decay look -Just be careful for glitter fallouts if that bothers you It is my by far my favourite UD palette I own at the moment : )

Tiara T.
Great palette

This palette us great! I got it when it first came out. There are both bright bold colors and brown/neutral colors. This palette is anything but boring. I like that it is different from other Urban Decay palettes but equally wonderful. The one downside is that there are no matte colors in it.

Melissa D.
LOVE this product

I currently got this product when sephora restocked it on their online store. I have been eyeing it since it first came out during their 15 year anniversary but was hesitant to buy it at the time since it was out of my price range. They had sold out every where and thought that it was just not meant to be. So when Sephora restocked this product online I had to jump on it and get myself one. It was around $55 which now that i think about it, is totally worth it. I love all the colors in this collection especially the bright pink and teal. The eyeshadow formulation is smooth and silky and very pigmented. If I didn't know any better I would say that the formula for the eyeshadows are that of the new formulation that Urban Decay just came out with for their new, revamped single eye shadow tokens. I do recommend this product, because it has such gorgeous color, and you can a wide range of neutrals, colors and darks. Plus if you're as much of an Urban Decay fan as I am, this has got to be in your collection! =)

Sian H.

I love this palette, the colors are very pigmented and you can create many looks with these full size 15 eye shadows. I love chase, junkshow and deep end. This palette is beautifully designed but your fingerprints will get on the front as it's a mirror material. Overall, I love this.

Nicole T.
love it

I love this a lot,i bought this last year in Sephora on their second restock cause the first arrival was selling like hotcakes,and so as soon as i saw in their Facebook page that they are restocking again,i quickly ran to the Sephora to grab it :D

And what can i say,i love it !!!!!!! The colors are really really pigmented and it feels really really buttery smooth when i first swatch it,and all the colors are really pretty,i won't regret buying this :D

Jasmin Q.

15 shades for the price(awesome). all new colors, highly pigmented, can totally mix and match the colors (or wear it alone :)), gorgeous packaging that can turn into a jewelry box, what more can u ask for.

Sara B.
love it!!

Another beautiful palette from urban decay. Great selection of neutrals, colours and darks to make so many looks all in one great palette. The packaging looks nice too but I hate that fingerprints show so easily.

Delaney B.
Urban Decay never fails!

Urban Decay always manages to come out with amazing products. Plus, they are unique too! You can't find these amazing colors with any other brand. The packaging is sleek and glam, and I find myself using this product many times. It has a great range of colors as well. The price is a bit high, but it's so worth it!

Myrna P.

I am a big Urban Decay Fan. I decided to purchase this when it first came out and I am glad I did. I love the variety of colors; I especially love the color Omen. The payoff is great and easy to work with. I love it and you can find swatches under my videos :)