Urban Decay

15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection


Theresa G.
Not what I expected and LOVING IT : )
Photo of product included with review by Theresa G.

I was really hesitant on this palette because when I had recieved the naked palette when it first came out I wasn't WOWED by it. But when this palette was launched I was pretty excited because it had more colors than Neutrals. I really like the colors choosen to make this palette although they are all pretty close to other colors that I have in my collection it is still nice to have them all in one palette and I LOVE the box with the mirror. I can say that the whole UD 15th Anniversary collection there is not one thing I don't like : ) They really did a good job.

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Audra C.
This palette is this the bomb!

This is such a fun collection. The two outer rows of shadows are all gorgeous neutrals. The left row consists of all lighter shimmery day shades and the right all richly deep evening shades. And then the center row just POPS with an "in your face" pink, bright purple and blues. The top center light shimmery pink is stunning worn in the inner corner. Ugh. I just die for this palette. So pigmented. So pretty. So worth the buy.

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Jennifer C.
It's loveee

I am in love with Urban Decay products, especially their eyeshadows. I try to collect or buy all of their palettes because it's a great way to collect their eyeshadows without paying $18 for each individual eyeshadows and with my collection it's hard to use up just one! So I knew I had to get this one because it marks their 15th year and it's so pretty ahah. I use this palette almost everyday because there are neutrals and bright, fun colors! Once your done with the eyeshadows just pop them out and you can use it as a keep sake box :)

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Lameka F.
Amazing palette overall- plus great for travel!

Hello, lovelies So as seen in the quick take I neautral say this is an amazing palette for travel because not only does it offer colors it also gives you beautiful and highly pigmented colors to add a little color to your look. On a plane or traveling at all, I always have to limit myself. And when doing so I want color but I want to make sure I have my everyday eye. I can create colorful looks, smokey looks, as well as the classic neutral with this palette. Not only to forget the incredible packaging and the mirror! Even though this palette will put a whole in your pocket- it is most definitely worth it!!! I am not disappointed at all and Urban Decay is #1 on my favorite high end make- up brands for sure! Get them while you can! Trust me you will not regret it :)

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Stephanie T.

ive been looking for this palette everywhere! and everywhere i looked it was sold out, so you can imagine my frustration when i couldnt get my hands on these! but i am so grateful to have such wonderful friends that went out on the hunt for this palette for me and ended up surprising me with it for my 21st birthday! ever since i have been using this pallete everyday! the colors are soft and pigmented as with every urban decay shadow, the packaging is just so glamorous! and i love the fact that you can still use the box even after youre done with the shadows! i mean its not the best for traveling.. but its just so gorgeous just sitting on my vanity. once again urban decay did not disappoint! :]

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Aubrey Jay Z.

I'm obsessed with the pinks, blues, and purples in this palette! Normally, I am a neutral girl, but now I'm experimenting with the beautiful colors in this palette. The only draw back is that the purple color is slightly prone for fallout. Other than that, great palette!

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Niltiac E.

I got super lucky when I was at Sephora last week because they were out of the naked palette but this freakin amazing wonderfully nice lady who works at Sephora had got a UD 15TH Anneversary pallette which she hadn’t opened that was on hold for her but she let me buy it :))) I love her!! I paid like 70 dollars for it (canadian) and I’m really happy I got this palette :) The possibilities are endless with this palette. I did not take any of these pictures I just got them off google images. The person who made the swatches used no primer. I use Urban Decay Primer when I do my looks with this palette. Midnight Rodeo: is a coppery/taupe with tiny glitter particles. It’s a gorgeous color, one of the most pigmented and so soft and buttery :3 I’d say it’s a really a unique color but I’m no makeup pro it’s just my opinion. Midnight 15: a pale pearle mb with taupe undertones and finly milled shimmer. I love this color it’s so pigmented and applies beautifully. I love it as a lid color/ highlight with blackout in the outer v and a bit in the crease.. it makes my eyes look waay bigger. Vanilla: is a pale yellow vanilla color with a hint of gold. It’s less shimmery than Midnight 15, and less pigmented. I don’t like this color a lot I don’t think I will hit pan. Flow: is a light peachy shimmer. I like this color but I already have some colors like it. Like in the Too Faced Narural palette, and I like the too faced one better because it’s more buttery and pigmented so you only have to do one swipe whereas the UD takes a few. Chase: is a medium warm shimmery gold/taupe. It’s less shimmery (thank good, I wish UD had held up on the shimmer and glitter..) and applies really well. Like most of the colors in this row it is very blendable. BRIGHTSS Tainted: is a pale pinky/lavender with a slight gold shimmer… it looks pink in the box. It a great color I looove purples especially light ones. I just wish that it was less chalky and applied evenly, and was buildable. I find it had to make my eyeshadow look look flawless when I use this color. Too bad because in theory this is one of my favorite colors. Junkshow: is a bright fuchsia pink with purpleish/purple shift. I love this color! I wore it today with Midnight 15 as the lid color and inner corner, and Junkshow in the crease and outer part of eye and blackout in the outer v blended into the lashline and a bit in the outer corner on my lower lashline. It is on the sheer side but It is acceptably blendable and goes on pretty easily. Omen:is a medium lavender with blue shift. Right away this color caught my eye and I loooveee it! It’s similiar to Urban Decays jumbo 24/7 eyeshadow pencil in Motphine exect Omen has blue undertones and is powder. Morphine is a warmer purple and more pigmented and attention grabbing on the eye. The color Omen is a bit hard to work with though, unlike Morphine. Omen does not blend well and is not very buildable dry which sucks because its fairly sheer. Not as pigmented or soft and buttery like deeper, or midnight 15, mia, midnight rodeo. It’s still a quality eyeshadow im sure I’ll use up. Evidence: is a dark navy blue with light blue sheen. I like this eyeshadow. Blendable, great color payoff, easy to work with. I think it would be gorgeous with midnight 15 :) Deep End: is a medium not quite shimmery mermaid-like greenish teal. It is a nice color, great quality, very pigmented, workable. It isn’t the most unique color ever, I’m sure could be easily duped. I don’t dislike this color but it’s not one I will wear a lot, I have lots of other blues that I would grab before this. Darks: Deeper: dark bronze/brown with gold shimmer. Sooooo pigmented!!!! And it applies sooo nicely and evely and it’s very blendable and lush :) Great quality shadow. It’s quite the color too, I think it looks like a bit olive colored. I wish Omen or Tainted had this much quality… or the whole palette! Consistancy would be nice for the money I paid. M.I.A.: is a dark brown with slight sheen. A lot like deeper in quality and all the amazingness quality, but it is a cooler brown. I personally like the color of MIA better than deeper. I love that it is not shimmer but it has a sheen.

Ace:is a deep steel blue shimmer. Great shadow but it isn’t as blendable or easy to work with as some in this palette. A bit of a disappointment. Blackout: is a deep black matte. I like this black it is very black! Not blue like some I get >:^| Quite blendable, if you take your time with blending it can look very soft in the outer v, and I like the look. Great for dusting on after applying cream black liner on your lash line or waterline to set it and help the lasting power in the waterline. Half Truth: is a deep kind of greyed out purple. I like this color. It’s a bit better than half truth. I just wish it was maybe matte or something. I dont think it stands out but a nice addition to my color collection. Overall: I like this palette. I don’t regret spending so much money on this and I love hiding rolled joints for easy access in my room. After the eyeshadows run out I will for sure have the box on display, I already use the velvet box the house my hello kitty pez collection and keychain looool ^.^ I’m satisfied with the eyeshadows which is why I bought the palette but I’m not blown away or exstatic about them. I wish they had been consistant in quality and pigmentation. If all the shadows had thee quality of midnight 15 or rodeo or depper or mia I would freakin love the palette.. but they didn’t. All in all I’ll use this all up for sure and Im glad I don’t regret spending 70 dollars.

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Ana G.

I bought this the first day it hit the Urban Decay website. I love this palette so much. You can create so many different looks. Omen and Junkshow are my favorite two. I love the packaging too ♥

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Angel M.
Stop the Palette Madness!

UD always comes out with these limited edition palette and its enough already. How many midnight cowboys do you need? You pay $55 for 1 exotic shade and my thought is just go to MAC and buy the single shade for 17 bucks. You get much more than the sliver of color in the UD palettes and you save a ton of money. Makes more sense to me.

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Heidi C.
What a steal.

I knew automatically upon seeing the tiny pixelated picture of this palette that I: 1. had to have it and 2. would be incredibly spoiled by it. I am not disappointed. Pros: highly pigmented, a ton of shadow in each pain, tons of colors, great deal, amazing variety of colors, shadows grab onto brush well Cons: a decent amount of shimmer fallout, may get too much shadow on brush at a time (so be careful!), very few matte shades (I think the black is matte?)

Perfect for experimenting with bold, vivid pigmented color looks AND different smoky eyes even if you're just starting out. Oh and the black shadow alone (which UD pretty much has in every palette) is essential. You can do a lot of wonders with the 15 Year Anniversary Palette.