Benefit Cosmetics

BADgal Lash


Heather C.
Long lashes, not crunchy (but a little smudgy)

I needed a new mascara to replace my beloved drugstore Maybelline Volume Express. I do really like this Benefit formula. It's buildable and makes my lashes pretty long without them getting crispy. However, I do notice a bit of smudging on my lower lash line. It's nothing out of control but it doesn't have 12 hour staying power- more like 6-8 hour.

I'd still purchase again.

Nancy E.
save your money

thought i would give it a try. total failure. doesn't do anything for my lashes at all. going back to charlotte tilbury legendary lashes.

Kendra K.
Smuges easily

I don't really like this mascara very much. The benefit it that your lashes look longer but smuged easily. Every hour I have to check the mirror to get rid of the smudge. Not worth buying at all. I am very disappointed with this product.

Maggie H.

When I saw a review on this mascara about a year ago, I wanted to try it out, now I ONLY use this mascara. It gives the perfect mix of length and volume for PERFECT LASHES! I cannot say how much I love this but I recommend you try it out. From the formula to the giant brush, benefit nailed it with this one.

Maihien N.
False lashes not needed with this mascara

I love my eye shape (small, almond Asian eyes) but I do NOT love my short, straight lashes. Whatever magic Benefit puts in their BADgal mascara is worth the (relatively) higher price point, because my non-lashes go from "wha?" to "wow!" in just a few coats. While the formula does dry out faster than drugstore brands, the ingredients therein are fantastic for extending and thickening short lashes like mine.

Molly N.
Really good

Adds volume whist lengthing lashes- a lovely mascara. This is defiantly somethig I would personally repurchase! After trying this I canny wait to try they're real!! The wand is lovely but I don't like the packaging!

Sophie S.
Pretty Great

This mascara is going to work great on you if you have long, sparse lashes. I have Spongebob eyelashes (super long, but I have like... 3, okrr) and this is perfect for catching each one and really adding volume. It's more of a "fluffy" type look, rather than a super lengthening formula. Soooo if you're more about length and separation, go for They're Real. But I still love this one. I love them both equally... In different ways.

Aubrey C.
Neither here nor there.

It's not my favorite mascara and for the price I think it could be a lot better.

First, the brush is pretty dense, but also rather large so it's not the easiest to work with. The formula isn't dry but isn't wet either. It's a happy medium. It does what it says and creates extra thick, voluminous lashes.. I looove the way it makes my lashes look.

However, it has a tendency to flake off and it will definitely smudge on your lower lashline.

So for the price? No thanks. You can get the same effect without the flaking for like 5 bucks with Almay's Get up and Grow mascara. Just sayin. :)

Madai L.
Good product!

It's not my favorite mascara but its definitely one of my go to. It does flake sometimes but however it does make my lashes appear to have more volume and look longer.

Alexa M.

Pros: Lengthens Holds a curl Big bottle with a lot of product

Cons: No volume Flakes after a while Smudges on bottom eye Pricey at $18 No recomendo Not an ideal brush unless you're into big brushes with long, synthetic bristles