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Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue


Nadjia H.
Male Magnet Perfume

This perfume is absolutely amazing! It has a fresh and clean, citrusy smell that cannot be described. I have never smelled anything like it. It lasts all day...and even you can smell it on yourself the whole time. I don't like perfumes that fade quickly or which I can't notice on myself anymore...this definitely is worth the price. I have never worn this scent without getting a million compliments. On days I wore sweat pants,sweat shirt, no makeup, hair in a ponytail...I still had guys approach me and compliment on how good I smell. So if you are looking for a perfume that will catch everyones attention...definitely get this!

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Marian C.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is that classic perfume to wear on ANY occasion, it has a fragrance that isnt overpowering but when you walk past someone they definitely notice. This is my FAVORITE perfume and I would recommend ANY woman add it to their collection.

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Ale O.
So worth it

I really like this perfume i feel fancy wen i weAr it its a scent thats really noticeable its strong at first but after its a fresh scent and with two pumps ur good to go i really like it

Theresa G.

I received this perfume a little more than a month ago as a just because gift and I absolutely love it! I used it all up and just repurchased it. Definitely a everyday perfume for me.

Charmaine F.
Amazing smell

I have been using this perfume for the past 5 years & I still haven't grown tired of it! It smells sooooo good. Even if I spray just a couple of sprays, it smells very strong so I don't end up wasting too much all at once :)

Brittany Alana M.
New Fragrance

Love it it has a great citrus scent to it, and for summer when it sets off in your skin leaves an amazing scent. By far this is one of the top selling fragrances out there for women. Also try the newest Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue fragrance for women called Dreaming in Portofino, it has more of a rich floral scent to it.

Michaela C.
Smells great!

I got this as a gift from my uncle two Christmases ago, and I've been steady repurchasing it. The smell is unique, and although it's popular, people never know what I'm wearing. I think it's good for every day.

Amanda D.

This has been my choice of perfume for almost 8years! The smell is not overwhelming and it is light and fresh. Anytime I spray this perfume, people always tell me it smells great. I LOVE this perfume and I LOVE the fact that it lasts me forever :)

Molly S.
smells fantastic!

Ah. I LOVE this perfume. I wear it almost everyday. It smells fantastic, clean with a almost a flowery or vanilla undertone. I constantly get compliments on it.

don't overspray.. one spray is FINE.

Kate A.
My all time fav

i cannot find any perfumes that smells great than D&G. I really love this perfume. It is so refreshing, soft, and i always get compliments on 'em. I have the whole set and been using it for 3 years now. :)