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love it!

Upon receiving this eyelash curler. I immediately curled my lashes. I have droopy eyelashes they don't curl at all. This did the trick and curled it for me. Without applying mascara, they stayed curled with just a couple of pumps. It's very inexpensive and it does the trick! I would recommend!

Not one curl!

My eyelashes naturally fall down. They don't curve up at all. Even with mascara on, I would have to curl once the mascara dries. This eyelash curler doesn't help me one bit. I can curl up to 3 times per eye. Apply mascara and it wont stay curl. It will fall within 5 minutes. Even curling them alone won't do the job without applying mascara. I would not recommend!

Pretty Good!

I like the tweezers that are slanted and this is the perfect one for me. It's easy for me to be able to pull hairs from the roots. It grabs the hair perfectly and does it smoothly. I would definitely recommend these tweezers for anyone that likes slant tip tweezers.


This eyeliner is one of my favorite eyeliners! It goes on extremely creamy and stays on for a while! I find it to be the blackest black that I have ever found. But what I love is that it stays on and its a smooth application. I love this eyeliner the only con is that the price ranges around $14.50 which is pretty expensive for an eyeliner. But, overall if you have the money I would recommend!


I found these products to be alright. I bought rust which is a red-ish color. The colors are extremely pigmented. It goes on smooth, Best way to apply is to pack it on lightly since it is loose pigment. You can easily due looks with these, I paid around $2.50 for them so they are pretty affordable.I just didn't realize how small the container is. I find that to be the reason why its a average product. But overall it has good pigmentation. I guess i'm not to big of a loose powder eye shadow. The tub is extremely small so its hard to pick up product without having a small smudge brush. You will have to pour it which leads to a mess.

Love these!

I love these because they are extremely affordable. I bought mine for around $4.50. When I received it, it was extremely pigmented. I loved all the colors and they are very wearable. You can easily do their instructions as they note and the look goes great. Or you can play around with the colors. I would recommend to anyone. You can't go wrong with these palettes.

In love!

I bought my first one in bold gold. I fell in love! Its pigmented, it came with great packaging and it only cost me around $5.45. What more can I ask? These go on smooth and stay on for the whole day! They have a lot of colors to choose from. I love how on lazy days you can easily just apply it with your fingers of brush and it easily stays and it completes your look without having the need to due more to it. Looks great for smokey look, or just a simple look. I love these and I would recommend to everyone!


I bought this product due to the hype that was going around Youtube. I normally don't get strong colors due to the pigmentation but since these lip butters go on sheer and light I decided to buy Cherry tart. When I applied it, It went on smooth didn't fill into my cracks. It was pigmented, it gave me a hint of red without being overpowering. It lasted for around a couple hours. It was definitely moisturizing. Through out the day, I didn't see it get in the cracks of my lips. It's a must have! I would recommend!


I bought this product due to the talk that everyone on Youtube had. I was expecting a holy grail product. The idea of the product is very creative. How its round and the lip balm is in a round shape. The smell is very nice and not harsh at all. Now when it came to conditioning your lips, I didn't feel like it did anything. I felt that it was just a product that when on my lips and it was a shield for applying lipstick. Through days of use I didn't feel my lips smoother and it definitely didn't help with cracks. Its a product I wouldn't buy again.

I automatically went to buy this when I was watching a video by Pursebuzz about how it helped in conceal dark circles. I bought it and received the product later on by mail. You can definitely control how much you get. If you push all the way down on the pump you'll get a lot if you go slowly, you'll get the amount you want. When I tried it for dark circles. It didn't work. The product has tons of shimmer and it leaves an apricot color behind which I feel its hard to blend aswell. I feel the product dries too quickly which makes it hard to blend and if you don't blend good you'll be seeing apricot color stains around the area. I was not impressed and I wouldn't recommend it.

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