Wet N Wild

Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection


Jessica D.

These are the best Eyeshadows at the drugstore. Hands down. And they're so inexpensive!! I love all of the different palettes, but this is my most used because I'm a huge neutral lover. They are so pigmented, soft, and long wearing. I LOVE THEM!

Temi A.
Great product for all skin tones

I would recommend this product for all skin tones because if you have darker skin you can use the darker shades and if lighter the shades on the top. All of the colors are very pigmented and nice, one of my only issues with this product is that the last to colors on the left are VERY similar and I can't see a difference on the eyes. My favorite shade(s) are the second an third color to the right, they look so beautiful together and are both beautiful on their own.

Isabel M.
Very versatile , and easy on your wallet!

I have the three 8 pan palettes available year round, plus many LE palettes, and quite frankly I love them. They are 4.99$ at my local drugstore, and they are , IMO, comparable to higher end products! The pigment is amazing, but there is some fallout with application. However, for the price, this is an amazing drugstore find! All three palettes are so versatile, you could only own one and still make a new look every day of the week! One for WNW!

Nicole B.
Defiantly in my Comfort Zone!

Hi everyone! :) I purchased this product for $5 at Walmart. Some good things I found about this product were that it was very easy to apply, it didn't require using very much of the product to have a good finish. One thing I can say about the "Comfort Zone" palette is that I loved the shades it came with! You could wear the shades on their own or all together. Pleased with this product but I am still in love with my physicians formula nude palette.

Beat And Unbothered V.

I cannot even put into freakin' words how much I LOVE this palette. Let me just tell you about the turquoise shade ok? The pigmentation alone without a primer is just de-freakin-licious. It's shimmery but not too much and high quality. I also love the dark blue shade and the midnight blue black- STUNNING!!!! and perfect for a night on the prowl.

Prima C.
Neutral Camo

I picked up this palette because I loved the teal definer shade. The left side is full of neutrals. The browbone is a soft peach. The eyelid is a satin copper. The crease is a satin brown. The definer is a rich shimmer plum. The right side is variety of shades. The browbone is a satin cream/beige. The eyelid is a rich satin green. The crease is black with gold shimmer. The definer is a duo pearl shade of teal and purple.

Prima C.
Purple Power!

The colors are fun and bright, from a soft satin pink to a light shimmering indigo. The left side has the least shimmer for a fun and flirty day style. The browbone white has a touch of iridescent pink. The light pink eyelid shade shows reflections of gold in the light. The crease color is a rich satin plum, The definer is a light shimmering indigo. The right side is packed with shimmer for a bold night look. The pink browbone shade has a super rich glowing pigmentation. The eyelid is a soft berry with shimmers of gold. The Crease color is deceptive in the pan. It is a dark brown/black that is packed with purple shimmer. The definer is a soft charcoal with shimmers of silver that sometimes appear blue.

Robi n S.

I love this palette! it makes my eyes pop all the colors but my favorite color is the last color on the green side of the palette, it is brown shade with green and red flecks of color entwined. I heard that color was a dupe for mac's club eyeshadow.

Robi n S.
its okay

after I fell in love with the 'comfort zone' palette I had high expectations for this. I like the right side of the palette, but the left side is not as pigmented as I would like.

Lisbeth L.
Love it!

I purchased this a couple of years ago. I love this palette since i like to do neutral looks. I love how pigmented the shadows are and how easy they are to work with. Also its veryyy affordable. wnw eyeshadows are my favorite drugstore eyeshadows and i recommend this palette.