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It definitely doesn't have the "WHIP" consistency but it can work well for a highlight under the brows and for on top of lips to emphasize fuller lips. If you blend well :). I tried using it for cheek highlight but i found that it was hard to use it since once it dries it pretty much doesn't blend well. But, it can definitely be used to highlight other places!


I love sinful shades because the price is very affordable, the color choices are amazing. The nail polish tends to stay on for a week on my nails and around 2 weeks on my toes. Plus, I wouldn't spend more than $8 on nail polish. But this product is great! Some colors you do have to layer and layer to get what you want. But, other deep colors are well pigmented. Especially the glitter ones!

Depending on the day..

I believe this works great when your going out for a couple of hours because it tends to do its job. The shadows stay well. I wouldn't suggest it for the whole day just because it does tend to crease a tad bit and the colors fade a tad bit. But overall its average.


This does wonders if you want to moisturize your hair! Especially if you want to grow it out like me! It works extremely good and leaves it feeling smooth! Plus the price is great! If you use it for once a week deep conditioning, it'll be a long time before you run to get more! :)


One of the best smelling perfumes ever. I love this one the most, compared to the other Juicy Couture perfumes. I have the big bottle for over 2 years and have only used it 3 times. It's one of my most prized possessions as you can see! :)


I bought this product and I was hoping to be pleased. Let me tell you that I am! It gives great coverage. I use it to put on my L'oreal anti-dull primer with sunscreen and Tinted moisturizer all together and it mixes well! It's a great brush plus its only $3! :D


It was a good mascara. I like the original one a lot because it gives the right amount of product. The other kind: "Black Drama" I feel that it gives too much product and it can get messy.

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