Eyelash Curler


Cheez H.

This is my home eyelash curler. I think it works fine. It gives a good curl. The main issue I have that I find annoying is that the top piece (the one that touches the top side of your lashes) is so big that I cant get the curler up close enough to the base of my lashes. I find this VERY annoying and when it presses up onto my brow bone, it hurts. This was disappointing. Besides that, I like this eyelash curler.

Gaby H.

I love this curler! I'm surprised a lot of people disliked it. This is my favorite curler, I always repurchase whenever I need to replace one. I don't have thick lashes, so the few I do have get a great curl/lift when I use this eyelash curler. It doesn't pinch my eyelid like other curlers have done. I recommend it :3

Tyni R.

It does improve my boring lashes (with the help of mascara) but it's hard to use on someone else (because of the grip) so I think it's designed for personal use in mind.

Beck H.
My opinion probably isn't very good but. . .

I bought this because every one curls their eye lashes. Mine are curled enough though that I don't really need an eye lash curler. When I did use this though it seemed to look exactly the same. Maybe my eye lashes don't curl very well. Didn't like it and never use it. I should sanitize and give to someone else.

Breanna E.

It did work for a little while, but one morning while i was getting ready to use it, it just broke. The piece that rests against the eyelid fell off out of nowhere and would not stay on after I put it back on. I was very disappointed and had to run around the house trying to find one of my sisters eyelash curlers on short notice. Not a fan at all and will not repurchase this bad product.

Vanessa W.

abbbsolute miss. it didn't even curl my lashes, the curler itself feels unflexible and hard. I didn't want to risk squeezing harder and pulling out my lashes so I just returned it. Back to shu uemura!

Rina N.
Not one curl!

My eyelashes naturally fall down. They don't curve up at all. Even with mascara on, I would have to curl once the mascara dries. This eyelash curler doesn't help me one bit. I can curl up to 3 times per eye. Apply mascara and it wont stay curl. It will fall within 5 minutes. Even curling them alone won't do the job without applying mascara. I would not recommend!

Jessica G.
To pricey

This is a good eyelash curler, just as good as any other. I remember buying it and not being impressed. It was quite pricey for me considering there's nothing spectacular about it. The replacements are hard or almost impossible to get. So once your finished with the pad it's useless.

Julia N.
Gives a curl!

This eyelash curler gives me some curl, definitely, but it is a little bit painful to use because I have to pinch pretty hard to get the curl! Also, I don't really like the shape because it only gets the lashes in the middle of my eyes and not the outer ones! I recommend it because it's cheap, but don't expect anything AMAZING from it.

Ashley K.
Just like any other

There really isn't anything super special about this eye lash curler. It works just as well as any other shaped this way. I have noticed that since the pads come out so you can change them the inside where they sit tends to get dirty with product as well.