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I love the versatile with this product. Once a week using it as a mask and as a daily cleanser. Although it does dry out my skin a lot. So you will have to use a good mouisturizer. But it does help in preventing breakouts and eliminating them.

These are my favorite lip glosses due to the fact that it glides on smoothly. You can feel the freshness once applied. What I like about these is the fact that they don't get sticky! Which is a big plus in the lip glosses section. They have a variety of colors and the color are nice and clean! I love these!

I like this product because it definitely tones your skin. After I wash my face with a cleanser even if it claims to exfoliate and all that. I use the toner and still seem to find dirty on my face. This is a great toner and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good toner!

This sheen spay is amazing. Most sheen spray leave a greasy feel to the hair. This one goes on as greasy but eventually it gets absorbed by the hair and it nourishes it. It makes the hair feel silky and smelling great. The smell is no where near to olive oil. It smells clean. But the big thing is that it nourishes your hair and makes it look healthy, and shiny!

I like this powder which I can put on top of my tinted moisturizer and concealer. It works really well. It blends in perfectly to my shade. The price is pretty pricey but it does come with a lot of product. The product is nice and although I don't see the difference because of what they claim "Photo ready" I still like it.

I like these because they are extremely affordable. You get a good amount in one packet. They do exactly what they claim. By blotting it on your skin you can start seeing the oiliness in the sheet. It get's clear. And, it works well! It's very small so you can carry it to go.

I bought this due to me not having the need to get full coverage. I like the packaging the product came in. The product blends in really well. I love that it was extremely affordable! One downfall is that even though its a tinted "moisturizer" I see my skin as being cakey. Overall its a good product just have to blend in well and a little goes a long way!

I was excited to get these pads due to the price. It was a dollar so who wouldn't. I really liked them at first they worked well it definitely didn't take all of the product in one pad. I liked using them for after working out. But if you store them they completely dry out. So, I would suggest buying a lot unless your planning on using them.

The reason why I bought this product was because of the exfoliating sponge. The product is good. When using this product with the sponge I would wash my face in circles to get a good clean. After that, I would tone my face with the Neutrogena toner and when looking at the cotton ball I will see dirt coming from my face. So, in the end it makes me wonder how well this product actually cleans.

This is one of my favorite sunblock! What I love about it is that it doesnt leave the skin oily! It comes off white and when you apply it blends into your skin and it leaves your skin feeling extremely smooth and soft. What I don't like is that it's on the pricey side. But, then again you are protecting yourself from getting a burn! Would definitely recommend!

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