Colorburst Lip Butter

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Mg W.
Love them

Amazing lip butters, moisturizing, and fantastic color payoff! Loved these lip butters since the beginning. I have five of them, but what to buy the rest of the collection, please! <3

Rebecca M.

I actually didn't really like these. Really sheer and shimmery. It looks like the type of lipgloss you used as a child. The smell is pleasant but it doesn't really do much for me

Carr B.
I'd Never Buy It Again

I just got this shade and it's the very first Revlon Lip Butter I have tried.I kept reading make up reviewers here and elsewhere( and a Revlon representative said it is too) describe this shade as a warm red but on my lips and my hand it's more of a neutral shade almost cool blue toned and those shades never look good on me even in the tube it sort of looks this way.This looks nice but not great,and I was really hoping it would be a warm red shade like Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick is in the shade Red Laquer.I have to put this over the Candy Apple to get the more warm red I look best in.I'm also not crazy about the feel on my lips it feels more like a greasy lip gloss,chapstick feels better on! Covergirl Smoochies is so much better,it's moisturizing but not greasy like a lipgloss like this is and the color Tweet Me is a warm pretty shade of red on me.

Jessi W.

I have wild watermelon and sorbet and I LOVE them. They are very hydrating and pigmented. I like to take the lip butter and put some in the middle of my lips and then I spread it all over my lips with my ring finger. I do that so it's not like bam in your face lip butter. Overall, I love these so much!


I love the wide range of color. I love everything about it except that it didn't last too long. I'm not so disappointed about that because it is called a "butter." It's more like a tinted lip balm but I dont recommend you replace your lip balm with this because it is still a lipstick.

Cheez H.
So pretty!

I love this color! It is a nice nude shade. It glides on smoothly and gives instant color. The only thing I dislike is the slanted shape. 👏 to revlon on this one!

Jasmine S.

I have sweet tart, lollipop and sorbet. These lipsticks really live up to their name as they really do feel like butter on your lips! They give a phenomenal amount of colour and can also be sheer for a natural look.

Sweet tart: A very beautiful pink that suits a wide range of skin tones Lollipop: A fuschia lipstick that goes really well with natural makeup Sorbet: A beautiful hot pink colour that makes the teeth look white

Valerie  C.
I love this product!
Photo of product included with review by Valerie  C.

I absolutely love my lip butter! I love how it makes my lips feel nice and smooth, and the colour is just beautiful! Heres a picture i was wearing it in ;

Jackie M.
Nice, subtle lip color

This lipstick is great if you're not looking for a shade that is too bright and pigmented. Its very sheer at first but it is very buildable which makes it really nice and adaptable..

Nikki L.
Perfect for Lipstick Newbies

I have never been a lover of lip products. I can't stand the sticky finish of lipglosses and the wide range of shades baffles me. My friend recommended these to me as some of the shades are sheer and add a little pop of colour without being too heavy! They are moisturising and do not have a sticky finish! Definitely recommend!!!