Slant Tip Micro Fine Tweezer

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Rina N.
Pretty Good!

I like the tweezers that are slanted and this is the perfect one for me. It's easy for me to be able to pull hairs from the roots. It grabs the hair perfectly and does it smoothly. I would definitely recommend these tweezers for anyone that likes slant tip tweezers.

Pam Y.

This is a great tweezer for a great price. I love the slant on these tweezers because it makes it easy to maneuver and it clamps onto the hair very well so that you can pull the hair out without it slipping away. It really does a great job grabbing and hanging on especially with the short, stubborn coarse hairs. It isn't too sharp so it doesn't pull off your skin along with the hairs. This tweezer has lasted me a long time.

Soma S.
I had to purchase these since I misplaced my old ones, and they didn't do the trick for me...

The shape of these tweezers fooled me into thinking they'd be great at pulling out the strays I needed to get rid of when I misplaced my old tweezers, but I was wrong for trying these... =(

The tweezer's tips weren't sharp enough to grab onto the hairs. I found myself having to go back over the same hair over and over again just to grip it, and it did not help that the tension of these tweezers were too stiff as well. Tweezers that require a firm press to pull out one hair tends to tire my hands out quickly, so it made my grooming regimen even more dreadful than it really had to be.

I finally gave in and replaced this w/ a pair of Tweezerman tweezers, and I've never looked back. My hands are no longer achey, and I enjoy my grooming process much more now that I don't have to labor as hard.