Colorburst Lip Butter

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Rachelle F.

This is a great shade, its amazing. I love the color as well, gives your lip a nice tint. I recommend this product. hope you others agree with me. :)

Kalani F.

This is a great lip color if you want to go for the light red lip.its not too dramatic but I gives off the prettiest light red tint to your lippies!

Elise R.
Love on the Lips!

I am in LOVE with these lip butters! They truly do go onto the lips like butter. I own at least 10 of these shades, and I always find myself wanting more. One of my most favorite shades is cherry tart! It's a perfect red shade that at first comes onto the lips with a slight sheerness to it. However, these lip butters are build-able shades. If you want a light application look, swipe the color on once. If you want more, keep building up the color to where it looks opaque on your lips.

You cannot go wrong with these shades. There are so many of them! They do not dry out your lips. They also stay on your lips if you do not eat or drink too much.

They're amazing. I love this lip product!

Mercatranda ..

I bought this product about a month ago, They were having a sale on that certain one(75% off just for cherry tart?!) So I decided, eh never hurts to try new things. I got it and went home and used it. I was not pleased about the feel, the color was kinda nice, a sheer red color with a little sparkle. (or how it looks in the tube) If you have sensitive lips I suggest other lipcare items.

Katie A.
Great alternative for lipstick!

I'm not big on lipstick but I saw these & I just HAD to have them. I have about 4 of them, & I especially love Cherry Tart. It's red, but NOT too red. Just enough to give you some color on your lips. I really like how moisturizing these lip butters are too!

Rina N.

I bought this product due to the hype that was going around Youtube. I normally don't get strong colors due to the pigmentation but since these lip butters go on sheer and light I decided to buy Cherry tart. When I applied it, It went on smooth didn't fill into my cracks. It was pigmented, it gave me a hint of red without being overpowering. It lasted for around a couple hours. It was definitely moisturizing. Through out the day, I didn't see it get in the cracks of my lips. It's a must have! I would recommend!

Jessica B.
Great price for what you get

I also have this in Peach Parfait, which looks natural on my skin tone. Cherry Tart is a bright red with a little pink in it, and looks great with minimal eye makeup. These lip butters definitely have more color than a balm, but feel just as moisturizing. They glide smooth and evenly onto my lips and don't feel sticky. My only issue with this is that it can get kind of chunky in the tube, which can transfer onto your lips. My advice is not to slick on too many coats...I just keep forgetting they aren't lip balms!