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This is thick and blendable enough to make even my oily skin loook and feel so soft and amazing. I'm so happy I just decided to test this out, beacuse it is my go to primer, and I suggest it to everybody. I even think its creamyness will be good for dryskin.

Bittersweet Addiction

I love the product it's great. Doesn't leave me looking ghostly, and I look great in photos after using it. But its so freaking messy. Maybe if ELF just used a deeper container, because this stuff flies everywhere, and I would hate to lose so much of a great product due to fallout.


I love this blush! The color is perfect. and actually i think its good that they arent as pigmented , well at least the one I have, because It gives me such a natural blush look. I'm so excited to use other hues of this. I'm sure the other colors are fantastic! Candid Coral rocks. perfect for a light pink summer glow.


I have thick thick curly hair, and i just put a few drops of this and it gives my hair natural sheen and great movement. My mom and I love this product, it's lightweight and really doesn't grease your hair down! Definitely worth every buck!

i use it as a top coat to my eyeliner

so I use this product as a top coat to whatever eyeliner i use because the color is so black it gives my looks a really defined finish. But I would never use it as my only eyeliner because the tip is like split it wouldn't give me an even line.

Great Brush!

I really like this brush. I got it in the Studio Line Set with 11 brushes,and I absolutely loved this brush for my blush because its small so it works well to just cover the apple of my cheeks. It's also good at picking up all the fallout from the ELF blushes ( i love candid coral btw) its a great brush !

Perfect for Women of Color

Wow, what a great product. I always get mad because I'm tan and so colors don't pop out as they should. I use makeup for clean looks in the classroom so that's why I didn't get the pearlized base. I got white and i love my choice. people tell me how much they notice my beautiful eye makeup now, and the base is sticky and thick enough for oily skin to not cause creases. Great, amazing product overall.

i looked like melting ice cream =\

Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with Kimberly below. I made the dreadful choice of buying this when I have oily skin. Might I add I only bought this because Maybelline has made it damn near impossible for me to get the dream matte mousse in my perfect shade, toffee, so I got this fit me liquid foundation. It makes me look gross, i have to do a lot of adjusting to my daily foundation routine to use this because its just a foe to oily skin. It's a nice color though...just sucks that it doesn't work for my skin!


I love it, it's smooth creamy, and doesn't dry out my lips. The color was perfect, and in general, the color variety was amazing. I'm definitely going back to the store and picking up a few more lip smacking lipsticks from NYX!


It hurt to use this, and of course I knew why right away: The little rubber thing fell out right away... ugh. I was seriously disappointed. Then in general I tried using it again lightly, still hurt and even more it like fell apart.

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