Studio Blush Brush

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Rai C.
Perfect For Contouring!

It's a rather small blush brush. But that's perfect for applying blush directly on the apples of your cheeks. I actually use it for contouring my cheeks. It fits PERFECTLY!

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Laura N.
Blush? Maybe. Undereye setting? ALWAYS.

This brush is a small, tapered powder brush. It's marketed as a blush brush, but I've only used this for blush on the 10 year olds for dance makeup. It's perfect for them because their cheeks are so petite! However, for a full grown woman, it's a little small, and I don't have a large face. Due to the bristles coming to a gentle point at the tip, it's perfect for patting powder onto the undereye, down the bridge of the nose, and for applying blot powder to small areas of the face. The ferrules on e.l.f. brushes have a tendency to loosen up over time, but for $3 it's not a big deal, and easy to re-glue. The bristles are soft, densely packed, and I've never had one shed in the three years I've been religiously using this brush.

Mary  L.
love it !

this brush does not shed any hairs I recommend the elf black brushes they are easy to clean and last long! it's a soft thick brush, I use this brush everyday and it's a good price for it too.

Tisha R.

This is my absolute favorite blush brush...it's soft bristles picks up color with ease. You can also use this brush as hightlight and contour brush the pointed tip allows you to control color placement precisely. This is a must buy and for $3.00 you can't lose. FTC: This is my honest review which I was not paid to do.

Fancie B.
Great Brush!

I absolutely love this brush!! It is perfect for applying blush! It picks up pigment very well and blends nicely too. The bristles are soft and I experience very little shedding if any. Not even during a wash! This would also be a nice brush to set your under eye concealer with as well. Very well exceeded my expectations for $3!!

gee m.

This is the perfect brush for me to apply my blush. The brush is not to stiff however it is not at all flimsy. It picks up a lot of product with one touch. This is not only a good brush for applying blush but it is also great for applying loose powder for under your eye and contouring your cheeks. The E.L.F. blush brush is my go to brush for my blush. I have several of these brushes and have had them for a couple of years now, they are still holding up well and I have experienced no shedding. Cost $3.00.

Romanian B.
Amazing Brush!

This brush is worth every penny! Very soft and easy to use! Great for contouring the cheeks and applying bronzer! I love the elf brushes so much! They always work so well when I apply my make up! A must!

Krishna B.

I love this brush, but not for the reason that everyone else does. It may sound strange, but I actually use this brush for liquid foundation or apply concealer to large areas. Because it is a synthetic brush, I find that it works perfect with liquid or creamy products. And because it is supposed to be a blush brush, it has the perfect amount of flatness and fluffiness (if that makes any sense) to apply and then blend out the foundation. Just great!

Suzzette D.

Just the right size for a blush brush!!! It picks up just enough pigment for your cheeks, blends well and just the right size for the apple of your cheeks! I love this brush! BTW I have the one with sparkles on the handle... it's cute!!!

Nisha H.
Amazing! :)

This brush is amazing at applying blush! it blends so easily i love it and for the price there are no regrets! :) i use this to apply powder underneath my eyes because it's small enough to get into the corners! :)