Silk Therapy


Susan R.

Such a great product. Absolutely love this stuff. Makes hair shiny, soft, and frizz free. It's my absolute favorite oil for hair. Not too heavy either and works on either dry or wet hair

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Mabel Y.
Shine bright like a diamond

Earlier this year I went from virgin black hair to blonde highlights. The only product that dried my hair out like crazy was the John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo.

I turned to my friend and asked her what I should use to breathe life back into my straw-like hair. She told me to use Biosilk. And so I did. My hair slowly began to feel softer, didn't have any kicks when I ran my fingers through my hair and looked more healthy.

Recommend this to anyone that needs a little bit of shine and whole lot of soft!

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Chrissy S.
Gives great shine to dry hair!

CAUTION: If you have oily or normal hair, I do NOT reccommend this product. It gives so much hydration, even if you have fine, normal hair, it can make it look super-greasy. I gave this product away to my friend who has severely dry hair and it worked great for her! A little goes a long way.

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Mariam A.
Holy Grail!

I have tried different hair products to control my craziness, frizzyness hair for a very long time, Untill a hair specialist told me about biosilk. Seriously best thing ever! controls my hair within seconds & a little goes along way.

Welmoed K.
Non greasy hair oil

I've got fine hair so often when I use hair oils or serums for dry ends it ends up getting greasy anyway. This formula is so soft and makes your hair look amazing healthy and tames dry ends and frizz. Very happy with this product as you don't need to use much so it lasts forever.

Bailey B.

My scalp tends to be very oily, and with the addition to fine hair, that's not a cute look. The Biosiolk Silk Therapy serum is amazing. It gives a healthy shin to your hair (not an oily look) and it makes my hair feel and look thicker. I also have tangled hair after my showers, so I pop a tiny, tiny amount onto my hand and run this stuff from ends to roots. I can then run a wide toothed comb through my hair with no problem. I can't remember if it has a smell or not, which is good since I hate it when my hair smells like a heavy scented fruit bowl. I know that my hair looks and feels fresh after applying this. Wonderful product! Xx

Chelsy G.
Love this Product

I always love trying new hair serums but I always seem to go back to Biosilk. This is my go to product when I flat iron my hair. It makes straightening my hair much easier and is supposed to help protect against heat damage. Although I don't feel that it actually strengthens or repairs my hair, it does make it really shiny and soft without weighing it down. As with any oil/serum it will make your look greasy if you put it on your roots.

Khloe A.

I remember this product from when I was just a kid but, never thought I would be doing a review on it. The smell for one is amazing! Packaging is pretty good too. Nice bottle... The price on the other hand is not on the cheap side... there is a dupe out at Sally's Beauty Supply that is under 9$, smell's the exact same. Exact consistency and does the same thing for 1/4 of the price. On a different note I would recommend this to everyone!

Kasey C.
Greatest thing I've done for my hair.

Seriously, I mean that. It's the greatest thing I've ever done for my hair. When my hair was totally virgin (3+ years of growing my hair out from a pixie cut; no heat, no dyeing, etc.), I only put a drop of this over all my hair, and the shine and softness that resulted left everyone jealous of my hair. Now that I've bleached and colored my hair like crazy, about a quarter-sized amount in my hair leaves it looking as though I've never done damage to my hair. Those kind of results, as well as a fantastic smell, makes this worth every penny you spend.

Denisha D.

this product for me is a deffinite must have when using any type of styling to on my hair. it leaves my air sodt and shiny and makes it easier for me to flat iron my hair after using it. i purchased this in stop and shop one day while randomly searching thru the beauty aisle. i was a little skeptical about buying it because for the smallest bottle it was about $15 plus tax. Im glad i purchased this item. ive had it for about a year already and im not even done with half the bottle. My hair ends up being soft and manageable after each use and i love the smell. I feel like i just came out of the salon when using it. i will definitely repurchase! :)