Studio High Definition Powder


Morgan H.
great for setting everything, including lip products

I've been using this to set my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, since it isn't transfer-proof by itself. But after I use this on it it is completely transfer-proof and not uncomfortable at all. Comes with lots of product and super smooth finish!

Autumn M.
Amazing High Def Powder

This powder is awesome! It doesn't take much product to get the desired affect at all so it lasts FOREVER! I use the puff applicator to apply its just simpler to use my makeup brush. The powder is translucent and doesn't leave any white residue. For $6 you are getting a phenomenal deal!

Rachelle-Denise  M.
Makeup Crack!

I am addicted to this! I use it to set my liquid concealer under my eyes. Because it's so loose and mineral, it doesn't take a lot, just a bit. I can always tell whenever I forget to use it --only happened twice; the creases and lines under my eyes were audacious at the end of the day. So this definitely fulfills it's purpose.

Prima C.
Messy but effective

What else can be said about this product!? Its inexpensive and works great. Be careful of flash photography. This product glides on smooth and blends out perfectly. It can get a little messy. I tried to poke holes in the top but they weren't big enough for the product to get through. I do use the little puff that comes with it. Sometimes I apply with a powder brush.

Bhoomi P.

I do not use this to set my foundation because my foundation doesn't need setting (I use a beautyblender to apply Revlon 24 hour colorstay). My skin is normal and I use argan oil as a moisturizer but the foundation does not budge! I do, however, use this powder to set my lipstick! Best stuff ever! I make sure my lips are moisturized, apply lip liner, apply lipstick, dap this power on and press my lips together to make sure it really sets the lipstick in, and then apply another layer of lipstick. Long process--totally worth it in the end. I minimize touch ups and end up using less lipstick (most of mine are high end).

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Michelle B.

I was deliciously surprised about how much I loved this powder. I am quite fair in complexion, so this left no cast on my face. It did, however, make my face feel baby soft. Paired this with my rounded kabuki brush and it was like facegasms. :0

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Elizabeth C.
Great product

I used this on my wedding day and I loved it. It didn't feel like I had anything on my face. If your not careful though, it will fly everywhere. A little goes a long way!

Hanna T.

this powder if you apply to much leaves a white cast this will keep your foundation from being oily. a brush is not the best tool this aplies better with a sponge or powder puffs. to me this is not the awesomest elf product but its all my option.

Sana A.

Unfortunately this added a white caste to my olive-medium complexion...it made my skin itch and I don't have sensitive skin, I broke out, I wouldn't recommend it for deeper skin tones ... for paler skin tones it may work wonders though...it helped with photos but I still had an unnatural caste/tint to my skin...trust me I tried several ways of applying this , brush, buffing, stippling, sponging, less/more but in the end after really trying to believe in this I had to let it sit in my drawer ... PROS : better on paler skin, good for HD pics, lhas lots of product & will last you a while, finely milled CONS: may not suit a variety of skin tpnes, has a whitish caste, may irritate some acne prone skin or sensitive skin types , extremely messy to use the product; guaranteed it will fall everywhere even when you try and be neat!!

Rikke S.
Makes me greasy faster.

I think it's just my skintype, but this powder did not really make a difference in the overall appearance of my face. It made me feel really greasy, so I tried applying less product, but did not work. It also made me more oily than usual. So I don't think it's good for oily skin. Or maybe my skin is just strange.

It's not good for travel as you will get powder everywhere when you open it.

I tend to steer clear of products with a silicone feel, and this one has that smooth silicone feel to it wich does not agree with my skin.