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Studio Perfect Primer


DeShelle W.

I also have all 3 of these primers, they apply soft and smooth, like a gel like consistency. The clear one is just for an all over, the green is for redness and the purple is to balance out everything, Great product nyx is on of my favorite brands out there!

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oooxxxooo o.

This is thick and blendable enough to make even my oily skin loook and feel so soft and amazing. I'm so happy I just decided to test this out, beacuse it is my go to primer, and I suggest it to everybody. I even think its creamyness will be good for dryskin.

Simone T.
I love the clear

I love the clear primer. The consistency is a thicker gel (not very runny or oily feeling to me). It goes on very well, and I don't have that greasy feeling to my skin. I have a dry t-zone and was good in that area; my foundation "stuck" and didn't look cakey.

Kassandra L.
Love is too strong a word

I liked it the product served it's purpose but the texture was odd for lack of a better adjective and I just feel like even though I don't have much to compare it to because I don't usually use face primers the product could have been better

Sarra C.
It's just good. :)

It's ok,not very impressive. I have clear one, and it just make my make up stay longer, my face look smoothed at first sight. But for 1100 RSD it does great job. :)

Tasia G.
Good, but slightly limiting

I purchased this product in lavender, and I must say it definitely does what it says. My skin tone appears more unified & my face immediately loses all shine. The only problem is that I find it near impossible to blend anything on over it. It makes liquid concealer/foundation STICK to it so much that I can't blend it out or buff it in nicely. So typically when I use this primer I conceal under my eyes FIRST, then apply the primer, then use only a powder foundation. Actually, this product is best for powder foundations because it is so sticky. Maybe this is just my experience?

DeShelle W.
It's good! Review on all three!

These NYX primers are extremely affordable. You can also look for discounts on various websites.

These NYX primers do last some of the day, I usually only touch up my T-Zones once which are the only parts of my face that get oily. So carrying around blotting papers is a MUST for me! (I use the NYX ones)

Sometimes I mix my primers with my foundations, depending on which primer you use, You can mix the foundation and primer to form a Tinted Moisturizer.

If you were to use these NYX primers it will be a gel like base. I find that it's very easy to blend these primers, which is a plus because I would absolutely hate to be blending my foundation for 20 minutes. lol

Clear Primer: Just a plain primer. Green Primer: Reduce Redness ( I only get redness around my nose area) So I hardly use it. Purple Primer: Neutralizes your complexion

ashley h.

i bought both the green & clear one during the epic nyx sale months back. so far, i've only used the anti-redness one. i wouldn't say it takes away the redness, but i guess it may "tame" it. the texture is that of the hard candy sheer envy primer...that smooth, soft feel. but NYX's isn't as dry as i feel the other is. i'd say my make up tends to average the same wear as i get with any other primer i've used to date, so it's not a miracle primer for me, but i'll continue to use it!

Kristen A.
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NYX's Studio Perfect Primer does a good job of keeping my makeup in tact throughout the day, but I feel as if I have to use more than I would with any other product. I feel like a little does not go a long way here, which is a disappointment. The product does help my foundation apply easier, as most primers do, but I really don't feel like this primer is anything special. The packaging is nice being a squeeze-tube style and the fact that it's clear is nice because you can see how much product is left.

I really wish this primer applied a bit better, or did anything special, so I could give it a higher rating. I love NYX products, but this one isn't a star.

Morgan D.

I'm not very impressed with these. They did make my make up stay on longer, but not as long as I would have liked. I like the consistency. I have the grean one that's supposed to reduce reddness, and it does slightly. I own the photo-ready one also but I haven't used it that often so I can't really say much on that.