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Smooth, Lots of Color, Easy to use

I LOVE THIS! Here's why: I used it when I first started off with makeup and it made applications of eyeliner sooo easy and especially on the bottom lash line. It's just a perfect liner and smudges well and easy to set in with powder. i love it

Not a lot of Volume or length, but still great

This mascara I tend to use first because it just does a flawless job in separating lashes. The big brush gets all my lashes in one sweep and there are never clumps! But I wouldn't say it gives me amazing volume or length.

Not great for oily skin

Maybe I should give it a couple of more chances, but I'd rather use ELF's other primer, from the Studio Line, because this one gives me creases and i guess the product just isnt good for oily lids?

No Clumbs, Give AMAZING Length

I loooove this mascara, definitely worth it for its low price value. I own ten mascaras ( I care about my lashes, I think they complete a look) and this one just triumphed them all. I've read reviews, I've seen tutorials, but it was just as amazing when I actually bought it and tried it out. AMAZING product.

BRING TOFFEE BACK its been discontinued :(

It's my absolute favorite foundation! But they stopped making it in Toffee! Can us Toffee girls get them to bring it back. I like the fact that this seems like a mix between liquid and powder foundation. It blends like a dream and the color variety is spectacular. The coverage is perfect.

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