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You can't beat Chanel's color selection--everything looks gorgeous. After all these years (decades!), I still have to keep a bottle of Chanel Vamp in my nail polish collection at all times. There have been tons of knockoffs, but it's still the perfect dark dark reddish-black for me. Tough and edgy, but still elegant and classy. LOVE

I actually use this product to get rid of flakes on my lips. It's a trick I learned from Hilary Swank's makeup artist years ago--just put some Eudermine on a cotton pad and swipe your lips. The flakes magically come off and you don't have to rub. Lip scrubs often end up tearing my lips and irritating them, which makes the situation worse. This also leaves my lips with a slight rosy tint--not sure why because the essence in the bottle is actually clear (it's just the bottle that's red). Eudermine is expensive, but a bottle lasts for years, so I think it's worth the investment. It's really the perfect prep for lips.

A great basic lip balm that I also like to use to smooth my brows and add shine to curled lashes (makes them look glossy and helps hold the curl--a very natural, pretty look).

I love this stuff. It has a sexy musk scent that smells clean, kinda like Neutrogena's original bar soap (the orange-brown one that my mom made me use as a kid). The glycerin is moisturizing and the scent is not overpowering.

My favorite for eye makeup removal. This really helps to get stubborn thermal mascaras off without irritating sensitive eyes. If you have eye allergies, this is great to use at night, to remove pollen and dust from your lashes before going to bed. It also helps if you have a clogged lash follicle (when you get those bumps in your lash line that could turn into styes). Massage some baby shampoo into the lash line with warm water and that will help clean up the clog.

This polish is amazing! Very very long lasting. My nails grow super fast and a manicure usually only lasts on me for 3 days, but I put on Zoya in Dove (a light gray) and it lasted for almost a week! I also love that it doesn't contain all the scary chemicals.

My skin is really sensitive to fragrance (I break out in hives sometimes and even went to see an allergist about it) and this soap is great for me. It's moisturizing like regular Dove soap and I love the creamy lather. You can even use this to wash your face! I've used it a few times in the shower as a face wash and my skin didn't get dry or tight-feeling at all.

Amazing lipstick. Great colors and payoff and the formula goes on super smooth. I love the Fuschia shade, a bright pink. And the packaging is so chic and gorgeous!

I use this every morning. It's replaced the sunscreen + foundation two-step routine I used to have and everyone asks me about my skin now--the formula really gives me a lot of radiant glow.

This mascara stayed on like it said it would, but frankly it didn't really do anything for my lashes. After I put it on, my lashes looked pretty much the same as they did without the mascara. And it didn't really help to hold the curl.

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